Helldivers 2: The Complete Story Recap (And what to expect in the future!)

Helldivers 2 Game Guide

Welcome to our Helldivers 2 guide! We’ll be honing in to every part of this game, helping you through the missions, collecting achievements and seeing everything there is to see.

In this article, we’ll be looking at the story in particular, so if you need a refresher, or you’re a complete newbie to the franchise, we’ve got you covered with everything you need to know to catch up with the story of Super Earth and her valiant defenders!

What happened in Helldivers 1?

Helldivers takes place in a dystopian universe where mankind is ruled by a “managed democracy”. This is an alleged improvement of contemporary democracy where the outcome of elections are more predictable.

Super Earth, the fictional futuristic Earth, is unfortunately under attack by three hostile enemy races – the Teminids, Cyborgs and Illuminates. According to the beloved government, these trio of baddies need to be subdued and destroyed.

Step forward the Helldivers, a special task force created as a pure combat unit and tasked with retrieving technology, activating oil-pumps and any other activities deemed important by the government to preserve freedom and the Earth’s new way of living.

When does Helldivers 2 take place?

Helldivers 2 takes place a century after the first game. Super Earth have been victorious against the Teminids, Cyborgs and Illuminates. With the foes defeated and the Galactic War won, an era of peace arrives. Hooray! 
The same technology from the Illuminates has since been used to colonize, in a period known as the Great Democratization. Now, FTL technology is reliant on a steady stream of E-710, which is a substance that can be found in decomposing Terminid bodies, which Earth has in abundance… and is farming on a massive scale. 
However, the Terminids have broken free from their farms and spread throughout the galaxy. The Super Earth Armed Forces have inevitably struggled to quarantine them on their farm planets, stretched to breaking point.

Where does the story begin?

A mysterious new enemy has entered the arena, bringing the Helldivers back into the fight once more. As the Helldivers battle foes on Super Earth, your mission is now to try and change the course of history.
Interestingly, Helldivers 2 adopts a global, time-sensitive set of Major Orders, challenging players to work togerher to achieve goals and shape the story for the future. This means the story is not something that happens to players, but something the players themselves have to actively make happen.

Will the Helldivers manage to defend vital strategic outposts against overwhelming numbers? How many story missions will be complete before it’s too late?

Well, we do know that the devs have multiple free updates planned, including story expansions and the extra content for the universe of Helldivers 2 so we’ll have to wait and see how that evolves going forward. For now though, that’s all you’ll need to get you ready to fight off these waves of bad guys.

What do you think of Helldivers 2? Are you playing through the game right now? Let us know in the comments below!

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