Hazbin Hotel – Episode 4 “Masquerade” Recap & Review


In Hazbin Hotel Episode 4, Husk calls out Angel Dust for being fake, which rubs the porn star the wrong way. When Angel then gets a call from Val to come in for a shoot, he leaves, despite Charlie’s begging him to stay.

Charlie decides to try and persuade Angel’s boss to let him spend more hours at the hotel. But when she shows up at the shoot, Angel begs her to leave. Her presence only gets him in trouble with Valentino, who boasts to Angel that he owns him. Despite Angel’s bravado in front of others, it’s clear he doesn’t want to work for Val at all.

When Angel gets back, he goes straight to the hotel bar. When he flirts with Husk, the bartender again tells him to cut the act. Angel has an outburst and storms out.

Charlie feels terrible about how she messed up today, so Vaggie sends Husk after Angel to make things better.

He finds him at a bar and saves him from his drink being spiked. While Husk drags him out of the bar, Angel resists. He claims he never asked for any of this. And he definitely didn’t ask for Charlie or Husk to save him.

Husk asks him to open up to him, to finally be real. Angel cries, claiming it’s not an act–it’s who he has to be. He’s here at the shady bar so he can get high and not have to think about his terrible life. And maybe, if he can ruin himself enough, he won’t be Valentino’s toy anymore.

Husk can relate. He used to be an overlord, but he gambled his life to Alistor. He too regrets the choices he made.

They bond over both being “losers”–together. When angry patrons from the bar come after them, they take them down. When they return to the hotel, they’re laughing like friends.

Charlie runs up to Angel and apologizes profusely. “It’s fine,” Angel says. “Thanks for caring.”

The Episode Review

This episode very much benefitted from its singular focus in taking the time to flesh out Angel Dust and his backstory. Until now, we’ve only scratched the surface of Angel’s character, but “Masquerade” reveals him to be a much more sensitive soul than how he’s previously portrayed himself.

I’m very happy to see a friendship (and possibly something more?) develop between Angel and Husk, as the characters have amazing chemistry. And “Loser Just Like Me” is one of the catchiest tunes of the show so far.

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