Hard Broken – Season 1 Episode 3 “Unfaithful” Recap & Review


Hard Broken Season 1 Episode 3 opens with Adam checking Yasmine’s phone when she’s in the washroom. When she goes out, he questions her about the identity of the sender of a message she received. Following this, she has no choice but to call her patient and to set the truth straight. Yasmine is so terrified that she is shaking as this is happening. After the confusion is cleared up, she storms off in anger at Adam.

Adam, in the present, is trying to access Yasmine’s hidden phone, but she has locked it with a password. He tries several different combinations to no avail, and gives up on trying to open the phone.

In the meantime, Saad confronts Dr. Youseff, asking him directly if he showed the footage to the authorities. Dr. Youseff denies sending the link, and Saad wonders if Adam is to blame.

Following that, Adam goes to see Saad concerning Yasmine. Adam probes Saad for details regarding Yasmine. Adam leaves after Saad tells him he still has doubts regarding his deceased wife.

We witness Surraya being questioned by the police. The authorities question her about the breakdown of her relationship with Saad. Following that, she proceeds to tell them how sick he was as a person.

We go back in time to when Adam went to Surraya’s house since Yasmine wasn’t answering her phone. He grows angry at Yasmine since she won’t return his calls. Yasmine then informs him that she can’t go on living like this, with him always having doubts about her. The two then make amends after Adam apologises to Yasmine.

In the present timeline, Saad is seen trying to track down who killed Yasmine. He approaches Surraya and asks if she knows Yasmine’s lover.

Adam shares the news that Yasmine had a secret phone with Dr. Youseff and Lana. Adam meets with Dr. Youseff at a pub later that night. At this point, Adam suspects Dr. Youseff of having an affair with Yasmine, and he admits it, as he’s extremely drunk.

Dr. Youseff promptly brings Adam back to his house. When Adam is lying drunk, he attempts to find Yasmine’s hidden phone, but doesn’t succeed in finding it.

In the episode’s closing minutes, Surraya meets with Dr. Youseff. She probes into his possible role in Yasmine’s murder. At this point, Dr. Youseff assures her that he was in love with Yasmine and would never do that. Shortly after this, Surraya tells him that Yasmine was pregnant, and the episode comes to a close.

The Episode Review

This episode provides a window into the past and the nature of Adam and Yasmine’s relationship. Meanwhile, Saad is investigating Yasmine’s murder.

The episode introduces a new suspect, Dr. Youseff, and attempts to establish a reason for the murder. The affair between him and Yasmine has been revealed. Furthermore, it is revealed that Yasmine was pregnant, most likely with his child.

The episode strives to create suspense, but it has a weak foundation that it uses to accomplish it. The authorities discovered that Yasmine had drugs in her system during the autopsy. They did not, however, reveal that she was expecting. This piece of the revelation is what renders the whole situation absurd. This portion was obviously thrown in for dramatic effect.

The show has reached a crescendo of dramatic intensity, yet the character arcs and storyline are both extremely amateurish at this point. We hope the show picks up momentum. However, the show is currently below average.

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