Grey’s Anatomy – Season 17 Episode 4 Recap and Review

The Beach- Part Two

Episode 4 of Grey’s Anatomy Season 17 starts with Webber heading into Grey’s room and checking up on her. We then cut to a staff meeting outside as all the doctors discuss the current situation; cases are increasing so they are expecting more patients to come.

Jackson finds Jo about to go home and offers to have her come over for a friendship reboot. Koracick is on a zoom call and not happy, demanding a new test.

Meanwhile, Hunt and DeLuca have heard of another Covid trial and suggest it to Webber for Meredith. The latter tells them he is not sure and that he will have to think about it. In her dreamworld, Meredith meets with George. They talk about her kids and then asks him if she gets to decide if she goes back. He replies that he doesn’t know and that it is different for everyone.

A patient, who was previously treated for appendicitis, arrives in the trauma as he has fallen off a stepladder. One of the new interns, Dr Tseng, runs an MRI scan and diagnoses him with right-sided diverticulitis. Hunt is impressed and asks her to join him in surgery. She later speaks to Nico about Hunt missing the diagnosis which is common in Asians. Nico doesn’t think she should say anything as he is attending.

Maggie carries on her long distance relationship with Winston. They have a virtual dinner but things turn awkward when they are joined by family and it ends in an argument between Winston and his father. Jo and Jackson meanwhile, cozy up for the evening which ends with the two sleeping together.

Back on Meredith’s beach, the pair discuss her life and the effect of grief on different people. In the hospital, DeLuca is worried because Meredith’s stats are getting worse. He tries to convince Webber again to get her on the trial but the latter is still reluctant.

Helm brings new tests to Koracick but they keep coming back positive. Helm then heads back to hospital and finds Teddy to let her know that Koracick is in a bad place and that he may need a friend.

Later on, Tseng can’t help but vent her frustrations to Hunt about his misdiagnosis. Nico sends her out but does stand up for her, explaining that right-sided diverticulitis is ten times more likely for Asians and he should have done a scan.

On the beach, George asks Meredith if she still dances. She replies that she doesn’t since Cristina left. He then talks about how much he misses being alive just as Webber appears and mentions the trial and the decision he is facing. As we cut back to Meredith’s room, Webber sees Meredith shaking and decides to get her in the trial.

In the evening, Jo heads back to Jackson’s place. Both decide that they are not ready for a relationship. Jo explains that she needs a friend and sex as the two joke about their misunderstanding.

Hunt speaks to Bailey about his misdiagnosis and asks for her advice. She does just that and tells him if protocol doesn’t work, he needs to change and adapt it. Amelia is frustrated by Link’s over-enthusiasm so he explains to her why he likes to always look at the bright side of life.

Teddy decides to visit Koracick and brings him soup. He ignores her though so she talks to him from behind the door, telling him he is not alone. We then see from the other side of the door that he is actually quite ill and on the floor shaking.

On the beach, Meredith tells George she was mad at him for what he did but that he changed her life. The two joke around while Bailey tells Webber she thinks he made the right call. Webber talks about watching Meredith grow into the surgeon she is now. The episode ends with Meredith sitting on the beach with George, Bailey and Webber.

The Episode Review

Grey’s Anatomy returns with an average episode, one that doesn’t really move the story forward all that much. The return of George was a nice touch though and I am sure the fans will appreciate this blast from the past. It also brought some closure for Meredith who finally got to tell him how she felt. Webber has, of course, agreed to the trial too which I am sure will cure Meredith.

I do hope that the series doesn’t spend its entire runtime on the pandemic though. While I think it is definitely necessary, it would be nice if the show deviates slightly and goes back to showing different surgeries as it is all starting to feel a little on-the-nose.

Jackson and Jo have made the right decision to stay friends thankfully, while Link and Amelia are building up their relationship too. Let’s not forget Teddy doing the right thing by visiting Koracick, who is not doing very well. Hopefully, he will also get the help he needs!

So far Grey’s Anatomy has felt a little stale this year and if it wasn’t for the return of the characters from the past, I am not sure how popular these past few episodes would have been. Still, there’s always next week!

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