Grey’s Anatomy – Season 16 Episode 17 Recap and Review

Calm Before The Storm?

After last week’s filler episode, Grey’s Anatomy returns to its usual dose of medical drama. While the drama itself is still a shadow of what it used to be, this latest episode did bring the story forward a little and added a new interesting plot with Koracick and his wealthy friend Ford.

Episode 17 of Grey’s Anatomy starts as we catch up with our doctors; Link and Jo are on their way to work while both feeling down about their failed relationships. Amelia also returns to work and learns the news about Alex. Teddy is acting a little uncomfortable, especially when she ends up in the lift with Owen and Koracick.

After saying goodbye to her fiancee, Teddy takes Koracick aside and tells him to be careful around Owen. She later speaks to Maggie who has noticed something and, unable to keep it to herself, Teddy admits to the affair.

Vic ans Jackson discuss their situation, as she has been staying at his place while Webber is not happy that his office furniture has been sent from PAC North to Grey Sloan. Bailey later calls him to his office as she has retrieved his old furniture from the basement. He gets angry and frustrated as he explains that he never wanted anything and starts throwing things around.

Meredith’s patient is a diabetic woman who has fallen from a ladder while painting. After the initial diagnosis, she orders her in for more tests while Tom’s friend, wealthy Griffin Ford, visits him as he believes he may have something like brain cancer. Meanwhile, Link and Jo tend to a patient who has fallen on a train track and become electrocuted.

Meredith’s patient admits that she doesn’t have a lot of money as she has just put her parents in assisted living, telling her she had to ration her insulin. Meredith gets called by Koracick to diagnose his friend Ford but she is not happy when she sees that he has the whole floor to himself. After looking at him, she calls Jackson and tells him to diagnose him. She heads off to give her patient a head CT but she unfortunately crashes while in the machine. They rush her to surgery and after franctically trying their best, the woman sadly passes away.

In the hallway, Teddy tries to avoid Owen but he catches up to her. She finally admits that Amelia’s baby may be his. He is shocked and wants to know how she found out as he needs to find out whether this is true or not.

Jackson and Vic argue about their situation as she has decided to move in with Dean. He is not happy with this as he believes he likes her. After Vic storms away, Jackson returns to Ford with his results and tells him that nothing is wrong with him. Ford then speaks to Tom as he offers his money for the hospital in exchange for a fake diagnosis to stop him from going in prison due to the rocket explosion he caused in Station 19.

After speaking to Meredith about right and wrongs, he goes back to Ford to tell him he looked at the scans again and found that he has an aneurysm, which in turn could influence his judgement. They then make a deal where Ford will give him a large investment cheque.

Link tells his patient’s girlfriend that her boyfriend will be okay, but also that he will need a lot of care. As Link and Jo see how unsure she is about staying by her side, they talk about love and how messy it can be. Jo tells him that she hasn’t given up because Alex made her feel that she deserved to be loved.

Bailey speaks to Webber to find out what’s up with him. He tells her he has decided to step out and wants to leave at the top of his game. She tries to protest but he insists, as he needs her help in his next venture.

Outside, Jackson and Vic break up as he tells her that their relationship doesn’t feel right and wants to slow down while Bailey talks to Meredith about her time as an intern and how she watches all her friends leave. As Meredith tells her how she is struggling without Alex, Bailey reveals that Webber is stepping down.

Teddy enters Koracick’s office to apologise for hurting him and tries to explain herself. However, he stops her and starts kissing her instead. At the same time, Jo tries to shake some sense into DeLuca and tells him he needs help while Teddy goes home to find Owen cooking. He tells her that she is not a replacement and he will always love her.

The episode ends with Link arriving at Amelia’s place with a guitar. He tells her he’s sorry for what he said and doesn’t care who’s baby it is – he’s in love with her and the baby. As she hugs and kisses him, she finally reveals that he is the father.

While this episode was an improvement from the last, it still shows the different doctors acting out of character. Jo seems to be coping quite well with her situation though, which is surprising considering her serious mental health issue. This could be the calm before the storm though of course, and she may have a delayed reaction that manifests later on down the line.

Teddy is still acting out of character too with Koracick and now that we have found out that Amelia’s baby is not Owen’s, she is going to regret her actions even more. Webber’s current health concerns and Koracick’s decision are the most interesting stories during this episode, which I am hoping will bring more stability to this floundering drama going forward.


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