Green Mothers’ Club – K-Drama Episode 2 Recap & Review

Adults Don’t Make Friends Without Motives

Episode 2 of Green Mothers’ Club starts in the past with Eun-Pyo first meeting Louis. They’re in Paris, and the pair snap photos together, enjoy time down by the beach and even share a bike ride. The city of love is very much blossoming romance, as Louis and Eun-Pyo share a extended amount of time together. He even surprises her with flowers too when she wins an award.

It’s at this moment where everything crumbles apart for Eun-Pyo. Jin-Ha shows up, incredulous to her friend’s presence. She links arms with Louis as the pair laugh together… which paves way for the timeline to jump back to the present.

Louis is there with Dong-Ju, who both sit in the waiting room for Eun-Pyo. After dropping her back off at school, it’s Chun-Hui who happens to be watching on and notices there’s something going on. Of course, those rumours spread across school, with Chun-Hui even pokes fun at Eun-Pyo for offering to pay back the new violin monthly.

Eun-Pyo’s home life is hardly welcoming, with her dead-beat partner leaving his clothes all over the place and not even able to cook for himself and the kids. Naturally, this just makes Eun-Pyo resent her family set-up even more. It also doesn’t help that Dong-Seok is disruptive in class, using his lively personality to blurt out the wrong answers and further alienate the other parents against the family.

Unfortunately this also has a knock-on effect with the teacher too, who calls Dong-Seok disruptive and urges Eun-Pyo to do what she can to help him slot in with the other kids. Now, part of that includes going to after-school clubs, which Eun-Pyo  attempts to do. She even frequents forums and tries forcing Dong-Seok to sit down and study.

Her kids are hard work and unfortunately Eun-Pyo caves and decides to take them out to the park instead. While there, someone throws a glass from the top floor of an apartment. Eun-Pyo sacrifices herself to save Yu-Bin, as Chun-Hui comes racing up to check on her darling daughter. When she learns Eun-Pyo “saved her life”, she helps patch up Eun-Pyo’s cut arm.

Off the back of this, Chun-hui agrees to write off her debt and allows her to buy a few coffees to make up for this. Jun-Hu, ever the chameleon, is there too and she delightedly applauds Cun-Hui’s kindness. Now, it would appear that the glass in question that was smashed may well have been from the penthouse, which would denote Jin-Ha or Young-Min being responsible.

Through all this craziness, Chun-Hui and Eun-Pyo surprisingly start to grow closer together, going for coffee while the latter tries to probe over a good academy for her boys. Ironically though she simply refers her to Jin-Ha, given she’s the one with all the connections. Now, Chun-Hui has been receiving constant calls from a strange number she keeps ignoring, which only furthers the secrets these women appear to hold.

Eventually though, Eun-Pyo is awkwardly put on the spot alongside Chun-Hui as they’re all roped into visiting Jin-ha’s place. All the kids head off to play, while Jin-Ha puts Eun-pyo on the spot and asks her why she dropped out of the academy in France. One could guess that this is linked to the anaemia diagnosis that Louis mentioned earlier in the episode but for now, that’s speculation.

Jin-Ha does take Eun-pyo aside though and warns that Chun-Hui hides a darker side to her personality. Eun-Pyo hits back, pointing out she doesn’t even know her. Dong-Ju interrupts though, pointing out he can’t understand what the other kids are laughing about. It turns out they have a movie on but it has no subtitles and it’s told entirely in English. Inevitably, all the kids end up leaving.

That night, Jin-Ha heads over to Eun-Pyo’s, handing over a gift for he, which happens to be a scarf. Jin-Ha wraps it around Eun-Pyo’s neck tentatively. This, coupled with her touching her face and the hand holding, could well hint that there’s something romantic going on here.

Eun-pyo eventually throws the gift back at her that night, calling out Jin-Ha for toying with her emotions. After a slap between the pair, everything is left wide open for next week’s follow-up.

The Episode Review

So Green Mothers’ Club returns to our screens for this follow-up chapter, one that starts to depict more of Jin-Ha and Eun-Pyo’s complicated ties to the past. It would appear that things aren’t quite as simple as we first sensed and perhaps it’s just me, but there definitely feels like a slight lesbian angle going on here – at least from Jin-Ha’s side anyway.

However, the series has done well so far to really hone into the different women and what they’re experiencing. There’s a slice of life angle to this and seeing Eun-Pyo’s slob of a partner, along with Chun-Hui’s worrying calls from this unknown number hint toward layers of depth to these characters. Either way though there’s plenty more drama to unveil and we’ll have to wait and see what this show has in store for us next.

Next Episode

Next Episode

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