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Goodbye Earth episode 1 starts with a young girl getting home and calling out for her mom. The house looks desolate, and the little girl doesn’t seem to have much hope for her mom’s return. The scene cuts to kids being in a museum, and the guide explains how scientists can alter the path of asteroids. She gifts the students who answer her questions. Among the kids is the little girl we met in the opening scene. The scene cuts back to her being home alone. In the background, we hear a man screaming about the end of the world before jumping to his death.

Goodbye, Earth is the story of the people in a small town following the news of an impending asteroid disaster in 2025. They only have 201 days before the asteroid hits Earth and changes life as they know it. We are introduced to Jin Se-kyung, cycling to the field as the curfew is lifted. She is still exercising and training. Her friends Yeo Mi Ryeong and Oh Gye Hyang tease her for training too hard. Later, Se-kyung heads home and prepares herself for the airport.

Among the families leaving, we have Ha-yool’s family. Ha-yool is one of the students Se-kyung used to teach. Her friends and Se-kyung are there to say goodbye to her. Before heading inside the airport, Ha-yool gives Se-kyung a letter and asks her to open it later. After an emotional goodbye, Se-kyung heads to work.

In a flashback, we go back to 300 days before the asteroid disaster. This was when the government announced the asteroid crash. Unfortunately, South Korea’s peninsula is the impact location. The government declared national martial law immediately. As expected, people tensed, and things got hectic. 

At the time, Se-kyung tried to contact her fiancé, Ha Yoon-sang. He is a scientist working at an American lab. During the video call, Yoon-sang is hiding from the military officers doing an impromptu search in the lab. He tells Se-kyung that he will be safe as he is only a mere lab technician, but we can see he is scared. Yoon-sang mentions his plan to travel back to South Korea, but Se-kyung advises him not to.

As they talk, he shows her the engagement rings he’s bought. Se-kyung tells him about the riots in South Korea. Their call is interrupted by the officers who spot Yoon-sang. There is a loud bang as the door is pushed open, and Yoon-sang is heard in the background asking Se-kyung to find Father Baek and ask for help.

The next day, Se-kyung heads to the church and finds soldiers taking him away. His church members try to dissuade the soldiers, but Father Baek agrees to do so willingly. As such, Se-kyung is unable to talk to Father Baek about Yoon-sang. The church members quickly turn to prayers, hoping for the best. Se-kyung sneaks into the church and leaves a prayer note on the wall.

Elsewhere, the mayor addresses a crowd, asking them to ignore fake news about selective immigration. As she talks, criminals break out of jail and head straight for the gathering. Some kids are kidnapped, and Se-kyung is hurt trying to save Ha-yool. Days later, the bodies of the kidnapped kids are found. Among them is Min-ho, the son of Yeo Mi-ryeong. It is heartbreaking to watch her search for her son’s shoes, hoping he is alive. She passes out as soon as he finds her son’s shoes. 

At present, Ha-yool’s family is denied a chance to leave the country thanks to Jung Soo-geun’s illegal activities. Ha-yool is not surprised that her dad messed up again. At the same time, Se-kyung opens the letter Ha-yool gave her and discovers a dark secret.

Elsewhere, Father Sung-jae drops by the Mart store to check on Mi-ryeong. Captain Kang In-ah meets with her former Battalion commander at the military camp. He is concerned that the immigrants who offer many essential goods are the only ones accepted into the safety zone. He fears few resources are left for the poor who can’t afford such goods.

We also learn that the military seeks to reduce the workforce and allow most soldiers to be discharged. However, both soldiers worry that discharging more of them will only lead to extra trouble. In-ah apologizes to the battalion commander; it seems it is her fault that he lost his job. Nonetheless, he is cool about it. 

Outside the camp, a team led by Jin-seo’s dad tries to educate the people about eternal life. According to them, the asteroid is the start of eternal life, and Jin-seo finds his dad embarrassing. At the same time, Jin-seo doesn’t have time to dwell on his dad’s crusade. He is busy selling stuff to soldiers and making some money. 

Se-kyung spots them and asks them to go home. In-ah is also worried about the kids and asks Se-kyung to keep an eye on them. Gye-hyang picks the kids up, and they ask her to drop by Ha-yool’s place. They find the family in a heated argument, and Soo-geun hits Ha-yool with his shoes. Ha-yool refuses to return to the house and leaves with Gye-hyang.

After Se-kyung sees some soldiers buying stuff from the kids, she asks for an impromptu inspection of the soldiers. Though the other superiors disagree, they still inspect and take all contrabands. 

Meanwhile, after reading Ha-yool’s letter, Se-kyung visits the camp and asks to speak to In-ah. According to Ha-yool’s letter, the man who kidnapped her and the other kids moved into their house next door. Ha-yool recognised him immediately. Unfortunately, nothing will be done even if Se-kyung and In-ah report the man. Se-kyung is disappointed as she was hoping In-ah would help. In-ah explains her soldiers don’t have jurisdiction or the resources to fight the gang.

 In a flashback, we see that Inah’s team had issues while tracking the rebel leaders. In-ah decided to shoot warning shots at the rebel leaders against the Battalion commander’s advice. The Battalion commander took the blame and was fired. In-ah can’t risk getting more eyes on her team at the moment. However, she keeps an eye on Se-kyung and runs into Mi-ryeong.

With In-ah opting to stay out of the issue, Se-kyung devises a plan to get back at Bae Jong-su. She studies the floor plan of Byeong-su’s house and sneaks in at night. She is set to kill him and is shocked to find him dead already. She quickly rushes out of the house, but someone spots her. 

At the church, Sister Chae-hwan tries to open the door to Father Baek’s secret room. Unfortunately, she doesn’t know the password. The next day, Mi-ryeong and Gye-hang notice that Se-kyung is a bit under the weather—Mi-ryeong drops by to give her some food. Se-kyung is still shocked about what happened the previous night.

The Episode Review

Even though the world is ending, we don’t necessarily feel the gripping helplessness we thought we would see in this show. The show focuses more on what is happening with the various characters and how everything is connected. So far, the series feels like a crime thriller and less like a survival show. However, this is not a bad thing. 

It is also lovely that Netflix didn’t cut out Yoo Ah-in in this series. As much as he is currently being blacklisted for a drug scandal. It is good to see him and remember him as a good actor.

It is interesting how the shows try to portray human nature in times of crisis. Some people act selfishly, and most of the poor are left stranded without a chance. The rich hoard stuff and resources and make even more money selling these resources. On the other hand, we see people like Se-kyung who are selfless and willing to do what it takes to protect their innocent loved ones.


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