The Goddess Of Revenge – Episode 6 Recap & Review

The Loan Shark: Part 2

While Hae-Ra phones an ambulance for Hyun-Sung, episode 6 of The Goddess Of Revenge begins with Eun-Hye grabbing Jung-Woo and forcing the knife out of his hands.

Min-Joon meanwhile heads in to see Tae-On and admits that his target isn’t her – it’s President Kim. He’s working with Hae-Ra to take him down and clearly now also working with Tae-On too. While Tae-On wants to confront her Father head-on, Min-Joon questions her motives and tells her he wants to cut the President out completely so they should bide their time over this.

As we flashback to the past, it turns out President Kim cursed his luck in having a daughter at the hospital and wanted a son instead. Tae-On overheard this too and that started her resentment of her Father.

Meanwhile, Hae-Ra continues to ignore calls from the loan shark. Heading into the bank, she learns that because of her problems in the past and selling her car, there’s a real problem with her bonds. To make matters worse, as she heads outside she sees Jung-Woo being taken and forced to work with Happy Credit, given his lack of education and career prospects.

As Hae-Ra keeps walking, she runs into Seung-Joo who’s now recovered and thanks her for help in solving her case. As she leaves, her impassioned speech encourages Hae-Ra to head into the police station and ask Jung-Woo what choice he’s going to make going forward. He pleads with her for help and eventually she decides to do just that, taking another look back at his case.

Elsewhere, Min-Joon digs deep into Hae-Ra’s past and learns that her bonds – half of them at least – were sold to Mr Choi who happens to be the ringleader of this loan shark company called Happy Credit. Of course, there’s very little to be happy about with this situation.

Hae-Ra worries about the case and heads in to clear the air with Eun-Hye at the hospital. It turns out she’s not romantically involved with Jung-Woo (despite what Hae-Ra implies) and wanted to help him with his problem.

As the subject turns to that of Hyun-Sung, he shows up in the room with a change of hear and wants to help with the case. He promises to testify in favour of Jung-Woo and wants accommodation and food in exchange. Given he was instrumental in Hae-Ra’s downfall, she’s pretty quick to forgive him and even goes so far as to add him into the operation as an undercover agent.

Min-Joon meets President Kim and tells him he’s thinking about getting into politics; a ploy to get the President to open up to him. Given he needs connections to make this happen, Min-Joon tells the President that he can make sure he stays in power for the foreseeable future. As Min-Joon flexes his authority as the audit team leader, he questions Mr Park over the audit reports and demands that they sort it out before lunch.

Only it turns out he’s playing both sides of the field after getting rid of Manager Park. He asks Tae-On for 3 months and in that time he’ll make sure President Kim believes he has absolute control over the business they’re about to seize for themselves.

Meanwhile, Hyun-Sung heads in for his interview at Happy Credit. This comes in the form of “field practice” where he’s shown around the various small businesses that he’s collecting from. With a mask on, Hyun-Sung is eventually brought before Hae-Ra and told to play along. He does so too, threatening to go after Ga-On if she doesn’t pay up.

On the back of this, Hyun-Sung continues his operation and passes on information and recordings about  Mr Choi from the time they spent together. This includes the door passcode, which Hae-Ra uses to sneak inside after-hours to find incriminating files on Happy Credit. Using an opportune time when the office is empty, Hae-Ra sneaks in and takes pictures of the files in the safe. Unfortunately, Choi and his associates return and almost catch her red-handed.

Thankfully, she manages to sneak out the window. It turns out Choi has a boss of his own though and when they mention the fish market and their upcoming plans, Hae-Ra makes a noise out the window and distracts them. Although she manages to get away and evade capture, it turns out the building has CCTV footage that could come back to bite them.

Hae-Ra takes her documents before Min-Joon and asks for his help in finding those responsible, determined to bring them to justice. While they do, Choi finds footage of Hae-Ra on her bike talking with Jung-Woo out in the street.

Hoon-Seok meanwhile heads over to Tae-On’s house but her greeting is frosty, to say the least. She berates him for the stunt he pulled and shows the photos of him passed out from drugs. Only, Hoon-Seok is clever and knows something is up and has evidence of his own, including incriminating audio evidence of Tae-On colluding with him over the DNA results.

Jung-Woo heads into Happy Credit’s office and finds himself caught at knife-point. Hae-Ra is next to be caught, snatched off the street and taken away.

Min-Joon meets the President at a lavish bar, complete with good drinks and a live band. It turns out there’s a new manager in charge of the place and they’ve made a few changes to the place. Those changes certainly impress President Kim but he’s determined to show how much money talks.

He tells the female manager to “loosen up” and slams down a 10,000,000 won check for her to let her hair down and unbutton her uniform. Min-Joon heads off to the bathroom to try and compose himself, eventually sobbing in the toilet stall.

As the episode closes out, Choi presents Hae-Ra before everyone at Happy Credit who begin auctioning her off. Only, the lights suddenly turn off and on again as police arrive at the scene and catch them all red-handed. The men are all arrested and Hae-Ra is freed from her predicament. It turns out she was recording the whole thing on a computer the other side of the room. Good thing she knew exactly where they were going to record her!

The Episode Review

With another bad businessman taken down and another case wrapped up, Goddess Of Revenge continues to deliver drama that forces you to suspend your belief a bit to get the most amount of enjoyment out of this. How did Hyun-Sung get a job at Happy Credit so quickly without any sort of background checks? Surely they would have done this to make sure he’s not an uncover police officer?

And how did Hae-Ra know that she’d be captured and taken to that exact spot on the ground floor to be held up to auction? Obviously it’s great that Hae-Ra has been so thorough in taking someone else down but surely this would have required a lot of planning and luck on her side.

The situation with Min-Joon is quite intriguing though and it’ll be good to get more clarity surrounding his past going forward. For now though, Goddess Of Revenge bows out with another pretty good episode and while it may not be the strongest drama of the year, it’s still an enjoyable watch nonetheless.

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