Glitch K-Drama – Episode 9 Recap & Review

The Resurrection

Episode 9 of Glitch picks back up with Ji-hyo saying her goodbyes to Captain Price and heading off to the memorial with Young-gi. A voiceover from Ji-hyo says that she will finally stop avoiding the things that happened to her and take control of her life.

Bo-ra sees the mess in the café. Cap calls her to a hospital where Direct Kim has been admitted.

As Young-gi drives, she lays out a plan for Ji-hyo and claims she will even risk her life for her. Ji-hyo tells her to focus on driving and leave the planning to her.

At the memorial, Seo Hwa-jung is receiving the cold shoulder from everyone.

Bo-ra snoops in Direct Kim’s phone and finds messages from Hwa-jung. She pretends to be him and texts back, asking for the memorial’s location. Hwa-jung sends a ticket with a QR code.

Detective Kim goes through the hard disk Bo-ra gave him. He then goes to Ji-hyo’s house and questions Si-guk about the last time he saw her. Outside the house, he calls Oh Se-hee. She is going through a register of names found on the hard disk. She finds that the names of all the people involved in the mass suicide were crossed out. One additional name was crossed out too. As the detective finishes the phone call, Si-guk calls out to him. He overheard him talking about a cult and wants him to explain.

‘Father’ is standing by the ‘Mother’, telling her that the day they have waited for is finally here. Some church members arrive with a metal box, he tells them to keep it inside. ‘Father’ asks one of the men about the drugs. The man says they are being given to people as they enter.

Hordes of people enter the memorial area. As they arrive they are given a flower and a cylindrical necklace which has a tablet inside it.

Ji-hyo and Young-gi arrive. Young-gi has a gun. Ji-hyo asks her if all the other church members will believe in her the way Young-gi does.

‘Father’ goes on stage and begins to give a speech about all the sacrifices people have made for them to get to this day. Ji-hyo simply walks into the memorial area. People gasp on seeing her and the crowd parts for her to come through. She gives an awkward speech about being resurrected, but it works and people begin to cheer for her. She tells ‘Father’ they need to talk and they will do it in front of everyone because she has nothing to hide.

Bo-ra arrives at the memorial only to be told that it has been cancelled as Her Holiness has risen.

Detective Kim, Se-hee and Si-guk visit the man whose name was crossed out on the list. He is a doctor who used to know pastor Moon Hyung-tae. They used to intern together at the psychiatric hospital but Hyung-tae got obsessed with the woman who said she had met aliens. He believed there was something inside her head. They fell in love and soon started their church. The doctor doesn’t have any evidence of their crimes, but he shows the others an invitation to the memorial.

At the memorial, Ji-hyo and ‘Father’ have a chat which is being live-streamed to the members seated in a hall. She asks him to give her chip back, which he refers to as gospel. He asks if she has been awakened and knows her true purpose. She pretends to do so and confesses to having met Father Light.

Bo-ra is watching from the hall but suddenly gets up, pulls a gun on a guard and forces her way into the room where Ji-hyo is. She tells Ji-hyo to come back with her but Ji-hyo doesn’t comply. The guards get a hold of Bo-ra and put her inside a small room.

Ji-hyo comes to see her. Bo-ra tries convincing her to leave with her but Ji-hyo tells her to go on her own. When Bo-ra says she doesn’t believe in the impending destruction of mankind, Ji-hyo gets upset since she has finally decided to believe in everything. She tells the guards to take Bo-ra out of the memorial area.

Outside the room, ‘Father’ is waiting for Ji-hyo. He tells Ji-hyo he has agreed to give her the gospel and apologises for his arrogance.

Bo-ra is taken outside by the guards. She is sitting on the road and thinking about everything that’s happened when a mysterious white light washes over her.

The Episode Review

Episode 9 is an intriguing penultimate episode. The comic timing of Ji-hyo’s claim to being Messiah is a bit off and evokes more second-hand embarrassment rather than laughter. Nevertheless, the showdown between her and Father keeps one on tenterhooks. Particularly as Father’s sinister smile could be hiding anything behind it.

While other characters are relegated to purely supporting roles, Bo-ra and Ji-hyo continue to be the show’s anchors. It’s an interesting turn of the tables to see Ji-hyo finally believing in everything that’s happened to her and Bo-ra showing signs of doubt. And yet, one can see how their relationship has grown stronger over the episodes.

Of course, that cliffhanger puts a new spin on things. On to the final chapter of Glitch! Do you think we’ll finally see an actual alien?

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