Glitch K-Drama – Episode 4 Recap & Review

Light Be With You!

Episode 4 of Glitch begins with a young Ji-hyo in a hospital bed, being asked if she remembers anything. She shakes her head. The policeman says that alcohol bottles were found in the van where she would play. Did she drink anything other than that? She shakes her head again.

At present, Bo-ra shows the three boys the video she took while she and Ji-hyo were hiding in Si-guk’s old apartment. But the video is shaky and doesn’t show enough of the group of people chanting.

She and Ji-hyo discuss what to do. Bo-ra wants to follow the real estate woman while Ji-hyo wants to go to the police station. Bo-ra argues that the police are useless. She tells Ji-hyo to trust her but Ji-hyo says she already got burned once by trusting her, so how can she trust her again? She refers to the time when they were kids and Ji-hyo was passed out for three days. She asked if Bo-ra even bothered to look for her. Bo-ra says she doesn’t even remember what actually happened. The two argue about who cut off whom. Bo-ra walks away.

As this happens, we see a flashback of Bo-ra visiting Ji-hyo at the hospital. But Ji-hyo pulls away. The policeman then takes Bo-ra away for questioning. Later, at some point, Ji-hyo slaps Bo-ra across the face. In tears, Bo-ra tears a page from her notebook which is revealed to have the same crop circle symbol on it. Turns out, young Bo-ra had seen the symbol in the field where Ji-hyo was found.

In Captain price’s café, Bo-ra tests his strength by asking him to get out of a hand-lock. He easily does and even lifts her off her feet. Bo-ra is happy and tells him to come with her.

Meanwhile, Ji-hyo is trying to convince Detective Kim about the group of people chanting in Si-guk’s old apartment. He doesn’t take her claims of a cult seriously and is frustrated when he realises Ji-hyo broke into the apartment.

At Ji-hyo’s workplace, her colleague Se-hee picks up a call from Ji-hyo’s father. Concerned with everything that’s going on with his daughter, he asks Se-hee to have a serious chat with her.

Along with Captian Price and Phillip, Bo-ra stakes out the real estate woman. She follows her to a building, where the woman heads up to the 12th floor. Captain Price and Bo-ra reach the 12th floor to find a place designated for the Divine Light Church. They are welcomed by a woman but almost immediately caught by a heavyset man who asks them what they are recording.

In a separate room, the man admits to the group being a cult but asks the two of them to just quietly leave. Bo-ra lies and pretends to be suicidal, saying she now wants to know how all the people of this church are so happy. When the realtor comes in, Bo-ra hides her face by pretending to be crying.

It works and soon Cap is introducing himself in front of a group of churchgoers. As he does, they ask if he has seen the Light, referring to light from extra-terrestrial incidents although they do not call it that. Outside the room, a group of people are walking and singing together. Each of them has a set of cardboard VR glasses. Bo-ra asks what it is and a man tells her it is the March of the Blessing that the people do before the light calling service. It is not for newcomers.

Meanwhile, Ji-hyo tries to find a link to Direct Kim on the internet.

Back at the divine light church, Bo-ra is in the toilet and seems to have gotten her hands on one of the VR glasses. She finds a phone lodged inside the cardboard and gets an idea. Outside, she walks amongst the singing people while the phone live-streams everything to her YouTube channel.

They head to a room where everything is dark except for a green light coming from everyone’s VR glasses. Ji-hyo sees her video streaming and contacts her to get out of there, but Bo-ra doesn’t listen.  A woman stands in the middle and guides everybody. They talk about the divine light in the evil darkness. They talk about a Messiah coming. The woman removes her glasses and calls for the light to cleanse her body. Everybody else is also praying to be saved. Lights project stars all over the room and slowly balls of light float towards the middle, forming a 3D version of the crop circle symbol. The woman gets lifted into the air. Watching, Ji-hyo gets flashbacks of similar images from her childhood memory. At the same time, smoke begins to enter the room through a pipe.

Meanwhile, the man from earlier finds Bo-ra’s phone amongst her other things. He sees the notification about her live stream and opens it to find her video.

Bo-ra begins to get disoriented from the smoke and rushes out of the room, coughing. The rising views and follower count make her giddy with happiness but it’s short-lived as the man enters the stairwell and finds her.

Luckily, Ji-hyo ends up hearing the struggle on the video. Despite Se-hee trying to have a talk with her, Ji-hyo hurriedly leaves work to go help her friend. She calls Detective Kim on the way.

When she reaches the building she spots the man and recognises him from the video. She chases after him and stops him from driving out of the building. She uses a fire extinguisher to force him out of his car, tackles him to the floor and asks him where Bo-ra is. The cops soon arrive but end up arresting her instead of him.

At the police station, Bo-ra and Cap seem absolutely fine while Ji-hyo has to write a letter of apology to the man. She confronts him about the symbol but he doesn’t say anything. Even Bo-ra pretends to not know anything and Ji-hyo ends up discredited in front of Detective Kim.

Later, Bo-ra and the guys are celebrating her 1,000 followers when Ji-hyo interrupts and confronts her. Bo-ra says she doesn’t trust the police, which is why she didn’t say anything. She asks why Ji-hyo came to save her and Ji-hyo exclaims that it was her choice to do so.

A flashback shows a scene from the van, with young Bo-ra and Ji-hyo. Ji-hyo mentions how another student was talking about Bo-ra sniffing glue with some other students but Ji-hyo doesn’t believe it. When Bo-ra asks why, Ji-hyo says it is her choice to believe Bo-ra over the other girl.

At the café, Ji-hyo ends up drinking some alcohol and passing out.

At the police station, Detective Kim seems to find something familiar about the symbol Ji-hyo drew. He looks up old cases and finds the symbol in a case of mass suicide by elderly people. The symbol is drawn on the floor at the scene of the crime.

In the morning, Bo-ra tells Ji-hyo to come with her. They go to an apartment and ring the bell. The door is opened by none other than the man from the divine light church. Bo-ra introduces Ji-hyo to the missing Direct Kim.

The Episode Review

Episode 4 continues the previous one’s momentum. Although a lot of this is credited to Bo-ra rather than Ji-hyo. Bo-ra infiltrating the cult definitely took the cake in this chapter. From the eerie chants to the 3D lights and the floating woman, there were plenty of visuals to enjoy.

The two girls fighting and working together is a dynamic that is as entertaining as ever. The significance of their shared past is also increasing and it seems Bo-ra knows, or remembers, more than Ji-hyo. Something tells me Bo-ra wasn’t to blame.

The overall mystery grows deeper and the twist reveal at the end about Direct Kim’s identity was a jaw-dropping one. But it also gives Ji-hyo and Bo-ra another ally, which is promising. Detective Kim too is slowly getting more involved and I’m seeing the beginnings of a really fun team.

However, Ji-hyo’s alien visions have been missing for a while now and I hope that the thread is picked up again soon.

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