Glad For Today – Melting Youth | Album Review

glad for today

Track List

All We’ve Got
Wasting My Life
The Rest of Me
Not Just Another One
Sofa Rodeo
Love Cemetery
Melting Youth
Upside Down


These epic songs interweave and create a story, one that will immerse the listener into a world where not everything is pretty, but a bond is salvageable. And Glad For Today describe their feelings profoundly here, executing poetry that speaks a thousand words and evokes sincerity.

The act do not sugar-coat anything; they let their music come at the world in a raw state and in an appealing way, and they do not go for elegance but instead, ruthlessly tell their story

This story demands attention and is a fable worthy of being in book form; something that dazzles but also has a dark streak. These musicians convey through their lyrics a broken world with festering relationships and hardened personalities – not to mention a lack of safety.

Sorrow becomes a mainstay too, and it impacts every part of this record. Every moment creeps up like a ghost, and the album slowly builds tension. Then, as the story unfolds, it creates a pulsating atmosphere, one that’s electric and breakneck.

We know Melting Youth has a bleak but invigorating story embedded into its framework, but the instrumentals are still a pivotal part of this record. They rage on, and the guitar work is flawless, with perfected percussion drilled in.

‘Bittersweet’ starts the record off with a quiet intro, and the vocals tell these emphatic tales. The chorus breaks norms and is an infectious blast. ‘The Rest Of Me’ opens up the record fully, and the guitar riff sounds like a nod to bands like Placebo and Nirvana. ‘Love Cemetery’ carries the bleakness in a grandiose fashion, and this song resonates on such a colossal level. The chorus commits to the riveting guitar influence.

Melting Youth by Glad For Today is an album chronicling a dark, often unnerving story. The band does not hold back on their thoughts and feelings, their war cries, and their love for the macabre.

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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