Gamera Rebirth – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review


Episode 4 of Gamera Rebirth begins with the continuation of the voyage to Okinawa Island. James realizes the kaiju samples are healing and suspects it is due to their close proximity to the Orilium crystal, which he discusses with Emiko. He also thanks her for stepping up the previous day and saving them while he had lost them, and he offers to take her to dinner as a token of appreciation.

Back at Tushima, the staff works on collecting samples of the Zigra. Suddenly the ground begins to shake, and another huge kaiju erupts, swinging its blade-like head around and destroying the military vehicles.

The crew finally arrives at the Eustace Island mining base, and Emiko takes the kids around for a tour. Joe gets overwhelmed by the guilt of the responsibilities he has left behind at home, but he agrees to stay with the kids.

James has a discussion with the executives to clear his suspicions as to why the foundation wasn’t providing them with adequate information. Unable to get a clear answer confirmed his suspicion about their goals.

Later, the kids head in for a medical checkup, and Junichi points to an observation suggesting the island has a huge cave beneath it. Impressed by the observation, Emiko takes them down to the cavern and shows them the mummified kaiju. She then escorts the kids to their room, and everyone is thrilled about the facilities, except for Joe, who is skeptical about the whole organization. 

After speaking to the executives, James loses faith in the foundation and tells Emiko he’s quitting. She tries her best to persuade him, given the responsibilities, but he is adamant about his decision.

Joe tries his best to convince Boco, but Boco thinks Joe is trying to control him and says he is not his brother. Hurt by this, Joe decides to leave, and Junichi agrees to accompany him. They realize the door is locked from the outside, which confirms their suspicion, and decide to leave through the vent.

As Joe and Junichi crawl through the vent, the two talk about Joe’s friendship with Boco. Boco also discusses their friendship with Douglas and recalls the good times they spent together. Unfortunately, the vent system takes them to a dead end, and they decide to return to the room. At the same time, Boco decides to get back to Joe by crawling through the vent.

Just as they are about to enter the vent, they sense tremors through the ground. In the control room, Emiko checks the monitors for any suspected volcanoes. Just then, a kaiju bursts out of the water and attacks the helicopter James was about to board.

Boco and Douglas see the huge kaiju from their window as it tosses around its huge saw-like head, slicing all the structures around it. Joe and Junichi also hear the tremors and rush towards the room.

Emiko contacts James to call for help from the US forces, and James agrees to do it despite quitting the job. He also leads the evacuation and orders the guards to use the turrets to keep the kaiju occupied. The kaiju uses its saw-like head to slash through the turrets, rendering them defenceless.

The rumbling outside sends tremors through the building, causing the vent to get blocked and preventing Joe and Junichi from reaching the room. Joe calls out to Boco and tells him they are on their way, and he turns back to go through the intersection. Unfortunately, before the two can make it to the end, the kaiju slices through the building, causing the vent to tilt, and Joe and Junichi slip out the other end.

The trashing of the building causes the door of the room to break, letting Boco and Douglas escape. Unfortunately, while running, the kaiju spots them and takes form to attack them. Just then, Gamera emerges from the underground and blasts the kaiju with a fireball. The two engage in combat, allowing the kids to navigate and find each other.

In the meantime, James almost completes evacuating everyone onto the boat. He inquires where Emiko is and is informed she went to get the kids. James rushes to find her and pulls her out of the rubble. 

Unfortunately in combat, Gamera takes many hits from the Guiron’s blade leaving him gravely wounded. Gamera takes position and stands in front of the building to protect the kids. Guiron begins to shoot blades at Gamera, one of which stabs Gamera in the eye. Boco realizes Gamera is trying to protect them. 

Just then Guiron unleashes an attack on Gamera’s arm and manages to slice it clean off. The pain is felt by Boco in his arm and he flinches in pain. At the same time, the tremors cause the floor under Boco to collapse but Joe instantly grabs his hand and pulls him to safety. The kids use the elevator to descend to ground level.

Guiron charges at Gamera and drives its head through Gamera’s chest, leaving it to collapse. After collapsing, Gamera retracts its arms into the shell and begins to spin rapidly. It takes flight and goes on to attack Guiron with its razor-sharp shell blades. As Guiron jumps in the air, Gamera slices tight through Guiron, rendering it dead.

On arriving on the ground floor, the kids find the Orylium crystal fallen on the floor. As Boco goes to touch it they have a hologram revelation of the Foundation’s evil plans.

The Episode Review

Episode 4 of Gamera Rebirth has a lot to unpack as the storyline undergoes a complete transformation approaching the finale. Let’s begin with Boco’s brotherly bond with Joe. Joe has consistently been the voice of reason for the group, always prioritizing caution in these situations. We finally arrive at the moment where he proves to be right about everything.

The episode also does an excellent job of elucidating why he approached things this way, delving into the backstory of his family and his friendship with Boco. However, Joe isn’t the only one skeptical about the Foundation. James plays an incredibly important role in making this episode a pivotal point in the storyline. He questions the Foundation’s methods after noticing their suspicious behavior and is also prepared to leave the organization.

In addition to all this, the chapter delivers a surprising punch with an incredible kaiju battle. It finally provides some missing pieces as to why Gamera has been guarding the children so fervently and confirms that Gamera and Boco share a telepathic link. This revelation calls for further explanation, which is likely to be addressed in the finale.

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