Gamera Rebirth – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

Under Current

Episode 2 of Gamera Rebirth begins with Boco and his friends conversing over a communication device. Just then Douglas tunes in to the radio, and the friends are surprised to hear his voice. The scene cuts to a flashback where James and Emiko take the kids in for a briefing. They explain the history of the kaiju’s discovery and introduce their research organization. They also inform the kids about the Gyaos and the turtle kaiju. 

Boco suggests they name the turtle Gamera, and the two happily oblige to put it forward. Emiko also informs them that the kaijus prefer to devour children, and Gamera and the Gayos were probably fighting over who gets to eat them. They request the kids’ cooperation to learn more about the kaijus and hand them a communication device to stay in touch.

Snapping back to the current time, Douglass takes the opportunity to request their help on a mission, as they are already pumped up about saving the world. Joe suggests it is a bad idea to comply with Douglas, but Boco and Junichi are too excited to give up. Douglas tells them he has some top-secret intelligence that could help them save the world, and the group agrees to help him execute a plan.

The scene shifts to the laboratory at Eustace Foundation where a few kaiju eggs are preserved. Two armed scientists walk into the room to check on the place as it is completely battered and covered in blood. The scientists look for bodies but don’t find any. They see a huge hole in the ground and approach it to investigate, but are pulled in by a long tongue and devoured.

The commander calls for James and Emiko after hearing about the breakout and scolds them for their carelessness. James, however, is confident they will handle the situation and heads out to secure the drainage system. 

Douglas calls the kids to the entrance of the sewage system and tells them about the top secret he overheard from his dad. He urges them to enter with him, as the kaijus described were as small as puppies. Joe insists they do not go ahead, but the others are too adamant, and the group heads in.

On the way to the sewers, Emiko realizes she has lost signal from all four of the kids. James calls the military to inform them to search for the kids as they surround every entry to the sewage system.

Meanwhile, Commander Osborn is informed about another flying entity over Saruga Bay. He orders them to contact HQ for interception. A fleet of ships spots Gamera and fires a barrage of missiles at it after taking aim. Gamera manages to dodge almost most of them; however, it appears that the last four missiles seem to blast and engulf the target in smoke, making it unclear if the target is hit.

Boco and friends continue to navigate through an underground tunnel as it gets deeper and larger. The group is exhausted but realizes they have reached a massive cavern. James awaits outside the sewers as the soldiers head in to look for the specimens. Joe and his friends decide to head back outside, but suddenly they hear the voices of the soldiers chattering over the radio. 

They decide to contact the soldiers and tell them their locations. Joe suggests they leave immediately, while Douglas insists they stay a little longer, and the two get into a fight over it. This awakens the kaiju resting in the cavern. Noticing the kaiju, the kids try to tiptoe out of there, but the kaiju is awakened by the sound of the radio. Just as the kaiju is about to pounce on them, the soldiers enter the cave, open fire on the kaiju, and rescue the kids.

Shortly after the kids exit the sewers the kaiju erupts from the ground, destroying all buildings around it. The military opens fire on the kaiju while James, Emiko and the kids flee the site in a car. The commander is astonished by the kaiju’s enormous size, however, quickly dishes out instructions for damage control. On the way to the underground base, James tells the kids about the Jiger.

Suddenly a military car is hurled their way and ends up tipping over their car. The kids quickly exit the toppled vehicle, however, Joe’s leg is severely hurt. The kids see the Jiger heading towards them. Just then a huge fireball approaches Jiger which it manages to dodge and Gamera descends from the sky.

Gamera brutally defeats the Jiger as they engage in combat, but Gamera suffers multiple stab wounds from the Jiger’s tail and loses consciousness. James calls in to request rescue cars but is turned down and left stranded. The military attacks the Jiger, but with little effect.

The commander orders them to continue attacking the targets and hold off until aerial support arrives. Just as the Jiger is about to attack the military cars, it is dragged behind by Gamera who grips it by its tail. Gamera tosses it around and slams the Jiger into the ground multiple times. 

Unfortunately, the aerial support arrives and begins to fire missiles at Gamera. Leaving Gamera occupied by the missiles, Jiger gets an opportunity to stab Gamera three times, causing it to collapse.

Boco urges Douglas to speak to his father and make the firing stop, but he is too scared to do it. Joe mocks him for his cowardice and challenges him to speak to his father and stop attacking Gamera. With great difficulty, he manages to convince the commander to focus on the Jiger.

The military focuses their attack on Jiger, giving Gamera time to recover. Soon, a recovered Gamera attacks the Jiger with a glowing red arm. This sets the Jiger ablaze and tosses it away. Gamera unleashes a final fireball to make sure the Jiger is dead before taking flight and vanishing out of sight once again.

The kids make it back to the military base, and Douglas approaches his dad to excitedly tell him about how Gamera saved the day. But instead, he only receives a slap from his father for putting his life in danger. We catch a glimpse of another kaiju in the depths of the deep sea in the South Pacific.

The Episode Review

Episode 3 of Gamera Rebirth introduces a different type of kaiju, with a completely different set of attributes. The Jiger is a humongous four-legged kaiju that resembles a dog, and this is further emphasized by its ability to dig. The series maintains the pattern of providing origin stories for the kaiju. A few eggs hatch, and within hours, we witness the emergence of a fully grown kaiju.

Furthermore, there are significant developments that lend shape to the storyline as it progresses. Douglas, the bully, joins the group, and the four are approached by an organization called the Foundation. These changes open up ample opportunities for the storyline to diversify, and it will be intriguing to explore the possibilities.

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