Furioza Ending Explained: Does Dzika successfully take the Furiozas down?


‘Furioza’ on Netflix is a fine film that does not nitpick in technicalities. It has a big heart and goes about its business in the most straightforward, yet intense way. With a mostly simple plot, the focus is on entertaining audiences through well-crafted action sequences and delivering on capturing the ethos of Polish social life. The brotherhood energy permeates through the storytelling, making it more compelling and driven.

Violence and brutality are important cogs in Cyprian T. Olencki’s directorial effort. At times, the action is as volatile and charged as the emotions of the characters. ‘Furioza’s bleak cinematic setup is inspired by predecessor action flicks that have relied on the core of its story to excel. The patience of a breakthrough eventually pays off and leaves you with a rewarding experience.

Furioza Plot Synopsis

A doctor at a hospital, Dawid formerly belonged to a notorious football hooligan group called Furooza, which is still led by his brother Kashubian. One day, Dzika, his former partner, walks into the OPD to get treatment. She was also a member of the gang but has returned nearly 10 years hence as a police officer.
Rather than going to the club as an informer for the police, Dzika wants Dawid to go back as an informer to help shut it down. Dawid is only convinced by the prospect of his brother’s safety and agrees.

On his way back to the club, he sees the Furioza members defeat another gang in a wrestling match, and he goes to see his brother’s family the next day. Golden, a member of the gang, is not happy to see him back.

On the way to a brawl with their rivals, the Furiozas prepare to engage the Antmen, while the police plot their arrest. Using a planned decoy, the gang is able to fool the authorities, reach their destination, and win the fight.

Riding on their personal histories, Dzika, Dawid, and Golden navigate the rest of the narration as the cat and mouse game leads to its inevitable end.

What pushed Dzika to become a police officer?

A gang member does not ordinarily turn towards law enforcement. The rebellion is so ingrained in his blood that even the thought of doing something like this is repulsive. It feels like snitching. So what prompted Dzika to become a police officer? Golden’s standoffish behavior towards Dawid hinted at unfinished business from their past and here goes the story.

Golden, along with Dawid and another member, Daro, had visited a brawl site a few years ago. The three were outmatched and the latter, Daro, got stabbed with a knife. With his life threatened, Golden pleaded with Dawid to help him but to no avail. The shock of the event had almost paralyzed Dawid, who immediately thought about leaving the business for good.

Amidst this indecisiveness, Daro had to lose his life. Golden squarely blamed Dawid for his death. It is further revealed that Dzika is actually Daro’s sister and pledges to take revenge against the gang culture that destroyed her brother’s life. This pushed her to pursue law enforcement, thereby becoming the very force that strikes at the roots of this tradition. 

How does Dawid win over the gang and settle back in?

When Dawid returns, he is not welcomed with open arms. The gang members suspect some ulterior motives behind this move. In order to appease them and put his and Dzika’s plan into action, he daringly saves the life of a member when the gang brawls with the Antmen. This move is enough to convince the group – sans Golden – that Dawid’s intentions are good. They give him a second chance, whereas Dawid really only wants to save his brother’s life.

Who betrayed Kashubian that led to his death?

Dawid is devastated once he learns of his brother’s death. The inadvertent events do not pan out according to his plan. He relentlessly seeks out the man behind Kashubian’s death and the circumstances finally give way to reveal the man: Golden. He was always insecure about his position in the group because of Kashubian. He tries to put him out of the way to further his own ambitions of peddling drugs to be financially stronger.

He thought that while Kashubian was alive, he could never make it as the leader of the group. After his departure, he truly realized his power and untied the gang with fierce rival Antmen. The gang does not take kindly to that and wonder how the situation changed for the worse. They brutally murder him and lets Dawid escape as a gesture of solidarity. 

Furioza Ending Explained: Does Dawid survive after the plan?

The police settle for a drug bust, much below their intended plans. Dzika is unable to get justice for her brother and has to contend with seeing the gangs disintegrate temporarily. Dawid is still reeling under the pressure of his emotions after failing to save his brother’s life. The presence of family soothes his wounds, although not long before trouble comes for him again. This time, in the shape of a rival gang member.

Dawid’s karma many years ago sees him repay for it with his life. The member knives him until the last of life is gone from his body. He fails to outrun his destiny: something that few men have been able to do before. 



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