Frieren: Beyond’s Journey’s End – Season 1 Episode 1 Recap & Review

The Journey’s End

Episode 1 of Frieren: Beyond’s Journey’s End begins with Frieren and her allies heading to a city. One of Friesen’s allies states they should look for work once they arrive since they’ve successfully defeated the demon king already. Our heroes arrive and get acknowledged by the king. Frieren’s allies are named Himmel, Eisen, and Heiter. Afterward, our heroes attend a party and Himmel informs the others the king’s going to make statues of them in the plaza. 

Himmel, Frieren, Eisen, and Heiiter look out into the distance. They can’t believe their journey’s come to an end so soon despite it taking them ten years to complete. Our heroes recount silly moments that occurred to each of them during their adventure from Frieren getting eaten by a mimic to Heiter becoming delusional. Despite their terrible memories, Himmel tells the others he’s glad he got to embark on the journey with them. 

They look into the sky and notice the Era Meteor Shower. Frieren tells her allies why it’s not a big deal to her and Himmel asks her if she could not spoil the mood. She promises to take him to a spot where he can observe the shower better in 50 years.

The following day, Himmel and the others head for a bridge to say farewell to Frieren. She tells them she’ll be departing to collect spells and travel around the central lands for the next hundred years. As she departs, Himmel wonders what life must be like for Frieren.

We receive subtle glimpses of Frieren participating in activities during her solo journey. Frieren visits a shop to obtain a shadow dragon horn, but the shopkeeper says they don’t sell those here. Frieren recalls Himmel picking up a horn during their expedition through the Demon King’s castle. With the next Era Meteor Shower approaching, Frieren plans to obtain it from him when she reunites with him. 

Frieren returns to the city and is shocked to see how much it’s changed. Himmel reunites with Frieren but she’s shocked to see how old he’s gotten. Himmel reminds Frieren that 50 years have passed as he states she still looks the same. He hands Frieren the shadow dragon horn and says he was always planning to return it to her someday. Frieren sends the horn away somewhere and revisits Himmel at his home to pick him up before the next Era Meteor Shower starts. 

Frieren and Himmel reunite with Heiter and Eisen. She notices Heiter’s gotten older while Eisen remains the same due to his dwarf nature. Frieren tells them that it’ll take a week to reach the location where they can see Era Meteor Shower sooner, upsetting, Himmel. As they journey forward, Himmel recounts how he’s missed traveling with his allies. He thanks Frieren for giving him the adventure of his life as they stare at the Era Meteor Shower before them. 

They attend Himmel’s funeral as Heiter claims he was happy. Frieren overhears people gossiping about her lack of emotion toward Himmel’s passing. Heiter tries standing up for Frieren by reminding the townspeople that they are his allies too and aren’t whimpering over his death. As someone buries Himmel’s body, Frieren recounts the times she had with Himmel. Despite only traveling with him for ten years, Frieren starts crying. She regrets not getting to know Himmel better as Heiter and Eisen comfort her. 

After the funeral, Frieren and Eisen see Heiter off. He plans to go to the Holy City. Before he goes, Heiter says this might be the last time he’ll get to see their faces. Heiter jokes about dying, and Frieren questions if he’s not afraid to pass away. Heiter reminds Frieren they’re legendary heroes and that they’ll surely live a good life in Heaven after death. He departs, urging Frieren to do the same. She tells Eisen that she plans to learn more about humans. 

Frieren tries persuading Eisen to tag along with her, but he refuses because he’s too old to fight. The two go their separate ways. After a brief title card, Frieren gets lost in the woods. We receive intel that it’s been twenty years since Himmel’s death and Frieren’s currently on the outskirts of the holy city of Strahl in the central lands. A purple-haired girl notices Frieren and leads her to Heiter’s place. Frieren’s shocked that he’s still alive.

We learn the purple-haired girl is named Fern and happens to be a war orphan from the southern lands. Frieren explains she had traveled the world to learn more about people but stopped by because she wanted to repay her debts to Heiter before he died. Heiiter asks Frieren if she can make Fern her apprentice. Despite Fern’s potential as a mage, Frieren refuses. She feels Fern will get in her way and doesn’t want to send a child her friend asked her to monitor to her death. 

Heiter shows Frieren a book that was unearthed from a sage’s tomb. He says it contains lost spells of resurrection and immortality. He asks Frieren if she could decipher the text. Frieren thinks she can but it will take her five to six years. Despite being unafraid of death 20 years ago, Heiter tells Frieren he’s more afraid of it now that he’s closer to that outcome. Heiter asks Frieren to teach Fern magic during her spare time. Frieren accepts after Heiter tells her he doesn’t have that type of knowledge like her. 

Frieren meets with Fern somewhere and can sense her latent potential as a mage. Fern tells Frieren that Heiter said she’ll be close to becoming a mage when she can blast the rock nearby. Fern impressively shoots a beam and nearly hits the rock. Frieren asks Fern if she likes magic and Fern admits she loves it.

The episode closes with Frieren acknowledging that she’s just like her. 

The Episode Review

The Fall 2023 anime season kicks off with the airing of Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End and it was truly a spectacle to behold. For those who aren’t aware this series is being directed by the same gentlemen who brought fans the delightful comedy, Bocchi The Rock. As with Bocchi The Rock, Keiichirou Saitou and his team pulled off all the stops with their handling of this manga’s introductory chapter. 

From its glorious atmosphere to its dashing scenery, one will truly feel immersed and at home with Frieren and her allies’ world. Moreover, the episode touches upon the aspects of death and human connection wonderfully. Seeing Frieren, a girl who remained consistently pessimistic, break down at the sight of her comrades’ demise was emotionally damaging. 

Although some audiences won’t be too heartbroken by Himmel’s passing, many will argue the episode gave him enough spotlight to warrant an emotional response from viewers. Although Heiter’s close to passing, one may question what’s happened to Eisen since the 20-year time skip. Hopefully, he hasn’t kicked the bucket since it’d be great to see him again.

Overall, this was a great way to kick things off for Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End. I’m looking forward to seeing what lies ahead for Frieren’s new quest with Fern. 


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