Fresh Ending Explained: Does Noa escape from Steve’s clutches?

Fresh Plot Synopsis

No matter how bad your dates have been in the past, you have hopefully never had a date as bad as the one Noa (Daisy Edgar-Jones) has with Steve (Sebastian Stan).

After meeting the charming plastic surgeon at the fruit and veg aisle at her local supermarket, she is swept off her feet and taken on a surprise weekend away. Lucky her! Not really, as Steve isn’t quite as normal as he appears to be. Noa’s weekend does not go well and the reasons why are rather unappetizing. Spoilers await!

What’s the problem with Steve?

On the surface, Steve is a lot sweeter than many of the other men Noa has dated. But shortly after she arrives at his luxury home, Noa is drugged and chained up in a cell. Sadly, this is no Fifty Shades Of Grey scenario as Noa is clearly not a willing captor.

Steve is no Christian Grey either as he has more than sex in mind when considering what to do with Noa’s body. It turns out that he is somebody who harvests women for meat, not only for his own consumption but for the pleasure of wealthy clients who aren’t content to eat only chicken or fish with their evening glass of wine.

Does anybody know where Noa is?

Other than Gordon Rams…erm… Steve, and Penny, a woman in an adjoining cell, no. However, her best friend Mollie, who is concerned about Noa’s disappearance, manages to find out more about Steve, the man she was already suspicious of. She manages to track down his other home, the one that he shares with Anne, his wife, but he isn’t there when she arrives.

After sharing her concerns with Ann, who apparently has no idea about her husband’s secret pastime, Steve turns up. Mollie rings Noa’s phone, which unsurprisingly goes off in the creep’s pocket. As such, Steve is rumbled but he isn’t the only one with a secret. Ann, who appeared to be innocent, knocks Mollie unconscious.

What happens to Mollie?

Steve takes Mollie to his luxury home where, like Noa, she is held captive in preparation for whatever culinary concoction he has in store for her.

Does Steve Make Mincemeat Out Of Noa?

Thankfully no, although he does slice off pieces of her buttocks. Still, Noa isn’t about to let Steve make a meal of her. To win him over to her side, she tricks him into thinking she’s into cannibalism too, and to prove this, she shares a rather unsavoury meal with the man holding her captive.

Does Noa become the next item on the menu?

While Noa has tricked Steven into thinking that she likes the taste of human meat, she still isn’t out of danger. However, she is able to orchestrate an escape attempt when, after seducing Steve, she takes a bite out of her captor’s meatballs (and I don’t mean the ones he previously put on her dinner plate).

She then makes her escape and along the way, rescues Mollie and Penny. When Steve catches up to them, the women take him on and they are able to knock him out before he can turn them into a 3-course meal.

Does Noa escape from Steve’s mansion?

Yes! Along with Mollie and Penny, she escapes into the nearby forest although the big bad wolf (by which I mean Steve) turns up again, this time with a gun rather than a carving knife. Unfortunately for him, he is quickly overpowered and is eventually shot dead by Noa.

But what about Ann?

Steve’s partner in crime turns up at the forest and after meeting Noa, pretends to be another victim of the Hannibal Lecter-wannabe. Ann then attempts to strangle Noa but her efforts are halted when Noa stabs Steve’s keys into her neck and Mollie, who has just arrived at the scene, bludgeons Ann over the head with a shovel. Job done!

Does Noa Find True Love?

Unless there is a sequel, probably entitled Fresh and Fresher, we will never know for sure. However, before the film closes, she does get a text from a man she met at the start of the movie asking if she wants to meet up. While her date with him wasn’t as awful as the one she had with Steve, this creep still treated her like a piece of meat so it can be assumed that she didn’t decide to go out for another meal with him.


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