Frankenstein Legacy (2024) Movie Review – Run-of-the-mill adaptation doesn’t offer anything new

Run-of-the-mill adaptation doesn’t offer anything new

How far would you go to save the one you love? The 2024 British film Frankenstein Legacy explores this question to its extreme. Mary Shelley’s classic novel Frankenstein, or The Modern Prometheus, has been adapted for the screen numerous times since the era of silent films. With the monster’s frequent appearances in stage plays, radio shows, musicals, and movies over the past century, it has achieved a kind of immortality.

Thus, when creating a new adaptation, filmmakers have to be acutely aware that their work will inevitably be compared to previous versions. Let’s discuss whether Paul Dudbridge and his team managed to succeed in delivering a fresh take on this timeless story.

Millicent Brown and her family live in a posh castle in the United Kingdom in the year 1875. Suddenly, the Browning family face an unforeseen tragedy. The residents of the town also begin to notice a series of mysterious disappearances and deaths. To uncover the connection between these incidents and how they impact the family, you’ll need to watch the movie. 

The premise of Frankenstein Legacy had potential, but the execution falls short, particularly in delivering the promised thrills of a sci-fi thriller. Despite the exciting concept, the film lacks the suspense and tension needed to keep audiences on the edge of their seats. Even in its darkest moments, the movie fails to elicit any emotions, be it fear or excitement.

The family drama within the story feels exaggerated and lacks depth, particularly in portraying the design of the creature. While the film attempts to create a gloomy atmosphere, it ultimately fails to make viewers feel truly unsettled. With more attention to detail and a more compelling climax, the movie could have been more impactful. Overall, the screenplay lacks engaging elements that would captivate the audience.

Despite its shortcomings, this emotional aspect adds profundity to the story and leaves a lasting impression on the audience. Moreover, the film also subtly delivers some important messages. Through its screenplay, it sheds light on pressing social issues, such as racism and prejudice.

Furthermore, Liza contemplates the inevitability of destiny in human life. She compares battling destiny to battling nature, accentuating that despite our efforts and achievements, we are still insignificant compared to destiny. While we may try to evade it, we cannot ultimately overcome it.

Philip Martin Brown, who portrays Robert, delivers a commendable performance within his role. He effectively showcases his acting skills in various scenes, including emotional moments between father and son, the heist scene, and the climax. Similarly, Juliet Aubrey as Millicent and Matt Barber as William Browning perform satisfactorily in their respective roles. However, apart from these three actors, others did not receive much screen time.

The production design is satisfactory, particularly in recreating the ambiance of 1875 with its lighting and art direction. The cinematography, especially in capturing low-light shots, was well-executed. However, the background music (BGM) lacks weight, which happens to be paramount for creating a stimulating atmosphere in a film.

Frankenstein Legacy doesn’t quite hit the mark in most areas, except for its storyline. Unfortunately, the screenplay doesn’t live up to expectations, leaving viewers feeling disappointed. Overall, it’s hard to give the film more than a passing shrug.


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  • Verdict - 4/10

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