Feel The Void – Hot Water Music | Album Review

Track List

Another Breath
Killing Time
Newtown Scraper
Collect Your Things and Run
Hearts Stay Full
Feel The Void
Turn the Dial
The Weeds
Scratch On
Ride High
Lock Up

Hot Water Music is a band many cite as punk royalty. They’re an act with many albums under their belts, and they’re an outfit which has become a staple act for fans of fast-paced, melodic, narrative filled songs. The stories are always pivotal and remarkable, with leading man Chuck Ragan’s gritty vocals spearheading these lyrical thrills.

Even though they can be on the pessimistic side, but that’s what we expect from this punk institution. They do not do things for the limelight; they do it to tell the world what they think and feel.

The music is always on high alert, sending shock-waves through their sonics. The artistry shown and the endless energy is noteworthy, and the band does not show any weakness or chance of slowing down.

Feel The Void showcases this energy in droves, and the band does not change its sound completely, but continue to push themselves. Ragan sounds rejuvenated for the cause here, exercising his talents and using his intelligent mind thoroughly.

Feel The Void is a record which takes lyrical components and pulls from different, dynamic places. Ragan has upped his game here, playing his guitar and telling stories of hurt and hardship. Through his eyes he sees a wilting world; a planet dying slowly but surely. The void is true for many people; the abyss is a place we don’t want to fall into, but it’s there waiting to consume.

It truly is a punk record, but one also melodic and sincere. Ragan sings frantically on ‘Killing Time’, using his voice as a base for his lyrical anecdotes. As for the music, the riff pleases (and we knew it would) as this band play with ease and confidence.

‘Collect Your Things And Run’ is the most accessible song on the record as it has an infectious chorus, pushing the band forward. Ragan sings with authority and measure. ‘The Weeds’ opens with rough vocals and a great backbeat. Ragan sings about a whirlwind of thoughts. ‘Lock Up’ closes the album out and sounds daring, with a chorus that breaks the mould. It perfectly aches.

Hot Water Music has released an album here featuring a collection of emotional twists and turns that are burning to be listened to.

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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