Feeder – Black/Red | Album Review

Track List

Playing With Fire 
Hey You 
The Knock
AI Man 
Sleeping Dogs Lie 
Lost In The Wilderness 
Memory Loss 
Here Comes The Hurricane 
Soldiers Of Love 
Ghosts On Parade 


Feeder has been a band for years, putting out a steady amount of music, and climbing the ladder to success. However, they’re still classed as being heavily underrated, which in truth, is mind-boggling, because they’ve created some memorable anthems.  

The indie outfit delivers Black/Red, which is a departure from previous efforts. It’s an album that isn’t immaculate, but it does have its moments of clarity and power. It doesn’t break the glass ceiling in terms of musicality or sound though, and it doesn’t boast any magical moments where you can say “wow. “

This shouldn’t taint the band’s reputation or credibility as they’ve delivered some expert songs over the years, dialling up many tracks which hit the emotions. They’re fundamentally a band that knows how to create atmosphere, forming alliances with their sound.  

‘Hey You’ is one particular song that stands out on the album. Good chord progressions litter this track in a good way, breaking conventions, and it shows the band’s adeptness at designing clear-cut lyricism.    

‘AI Man’ opens with a brooding riff. The song tackles the darkness, and it’s rather haunting. It’s a creative track and one that we could ponder over.  

‘Scream’ starts an acoustic drive until the riff gains momentum. It’s a fast track, with a well-crafted chorus and an immersive story. The end of the world is on the horizon too.  

Feeder shows their scars here, and the music still rings true. Black/Red isn’t a masterpiece, but it does have its rousing moments.  

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  • Verdict - 7/10

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