Extraordinary You – Episodes 11 & 12 Recap & Review

Another Twist In The Tale

Right where we left off from before, Extraordinary You returns with another dramatic episode. This one ends with quite the cliffhanger too and with Kyung beginning to assert his dominance on the story and the writer making some pretty big decisions, all eyes turn to next week’s episodes for a resolution to the big plot reveals at the end of this one.

We begin with a shocked Dan-O asking Kyung if he’s joking about his big reveal but he tells her he’s serious – he really is in love with her. As the scene changes to shadow time, Dan-O tells Kyung she never liked him and hurries off as he stares after her. Running off excitedly, Ha-Roo and Dan-O discuss the scene changing together while we cut back and see Do-Hwa play out his scene-changing confession with Joo-Da.

As Ha-Roo laments his luck, he speaks to Jimmiche about the hurtful changes the writer is making to his character. It’s here he warns Ha-Roo the writer will get rid of any extras who interfere with the story. This clever bit of foreshadowing plays out later on down the line but for now, it puts Ha-Roo in a very difficult position as he may well disappear from existence if he continues to disrupt the timeline.

As Dan-O tries to adjust to her sudden popularity, Ha-Roo laments his luck and fingers the scar on his hand while he watches from afar. With Dan-O and Kyung now engaged in the story, Kyung reveals that he’s just toying with her, leading Ha-Roo to clench his fists and prepare to punch him. With this newfound knowledge, Ha-Roo interjects when Dan-O is feeling under the weather in class and promises to take her to the nurse’s office instead.

Their natural chemistry together leads him back to Jimmiche where he tells him he’ll make his own choices…which happens to be the exact scene in the comic and leaves a grim expression on his face.

As the episode progresses, Kyung questions his own feelings toward Dan-Oh while Do-Hwa is dropped from A3 and the team start looking for a new member. As eyes turn toward Ha-Roo, his involvement in the story begins to become apparent as he excels in art, music and other studies…except English. As the scene shows him surrounded by women and reveling in his newfound popularity, Dan-o keeps him grounded.

Happy, Dan-O gives Jimmiche a gift from Italy before telling him the news about Ha-Roo’s appearance in the scene. As the story continues, Kyung invites Dan-O to the theatre but after she dresses up and waits for him, he rings her and stands her up. As she begins to weep, the scene turns back to shadow and she snaps out of her initial sadness.

Awaiting her there is Ha-Roo, who decides to take her in to the see the movie. Afterward Kyung arrives and berates them for going behind his back given she’s his fiance but Ha-Roo is defiant, telling him that it’s no way to treat her friend. Hostilities between Kyung and Ha-Roo continue the next day too as he squares up to Ha-Roo and snatches the picture from him, smiling and telling him the way he’s acting is interesting. As things look set to bubble over, Ha-Roo pushes Kyung into the pool and embarrasses him infront of everyone as the page turns again.

While the boys engage in a race in the pool, the alarm suddenly sounds prompting Ha-Roo to save Dan-O as she falls in the water. As he does, the scene skips forward again to find Kyung by Dan-O’s side as she recovers in hospital. Sneaking out and hurrying back to the school, she learns that Ha-Roo’s seat has been replaced and in the high-school year book, Number 13 is no longer Ha-Roo – it’s someone else. With the book gone and the timeline seemingly course correcting, in the shadows a mysterious figure closes the Secret book while Dan-O searches frantically for it. That mysterious figure happens to be Kyung who reveals himself to her.

Is Kyung now aware of what’s happening? Where is Ha-Roo? Is he really gone? There’s so many questions left hanging over this one and just like any good book, Extraordinary You is a real page turner. The light comedy is a great counter-balance to the drama too and with the show unrestricted with its use of time-jumps and editing, Extraordinary You does a really good job playing on this in the best possible way. Things are left wide open here too and quite what happen next, remains to be seen.


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