Eternights Guide: Scavenging Item Locations & Rewards

What is Scavenging?

Eternights is the latest Indie RPG released on consoles and PC. One of the activities you’ll get a chance to undertake in is Scavenging. You can complete this with any of your companions, and will reward you with 4x White Essence and stat boosts. Depending on who you use will determine what items you need to grab.

There are three areas in total: the Library, the Warehouse and the Convenience Store. Each of these have specific items located along the shelves, which can be accessed by interacting with the red dots on the shelves or walls. You’ll have a total of 60 seconds to find an item and if you’ve picked the wrong location, you’ll have to wait for the timer to run out.

These items will never change from their original location so if you have a good memory, you may remember where some of these are… like the flamethrower in the convenience store because hey, everyone needs a flamethrower while grabbing groceries right?

Others are a little more tricky to find. Fret not though, we’re not expecting you to remember every single item and to speed things along, we’ve listed below where different items are located.

If you don’t want to waste an evening in the game, then here are where each of the items are located.

The Library

Here are the items you can find within the library:

Picture frame
Sleeping mask
Board game
Tea bags
Nail clipper
Book: “Human Electrical Currents”
Book: “History of Calligraphy”

The Warehouse

The warehouse will give you a few extra seconds, given how big the area is, and includes the most amount of items compared to the other two areas. Here’s what’s inside:

Two bear plushies
Safety gloves
Contact lenses
Thick Blanket

Convenience Store

Finally, the convenience store will hold the following items inside:

Cleansing foam
Baby wipes
Pain relief patches
Coffee beans

Who needs what items?

You can also get ahead of the game to figure out exactly what everyone wants and schedule your evenings accordingly. On your menu, hover over to the “Social Stat” screen and you’ll find all the items in the bottom left area.

Be sure to check this periodically for each of your characters. However, there is no bonus for unlokcing all the scavenging items for one character, beyond obviously beefing up your stats higher.

Otherwise, happy hunting!

Are you playing Eternights? What do you think of the game? Have you been enjoying the scavenging mini-game? Let us know in the comments below!

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