Escape of the Seven – Season 2 Episode 15 Recap & Review

Is Yang Jin-mo Dead?

Episode 15 of The Escape of the Seven: Resurrection starts with Do-hyuk returning to the police station after breaking into Chan-sung’s house and asking Kang Ki-tak to check on Mo-ne. Meanwhile, at Chan-sung’s house, Mo-ne and Chan-sung have a furious fight, leading to Mo-ne stabbing him and Kang Ki-tak arriving to save Mo-ne from Chan-sung, which ends with Chan-sung’s death after Ki-tak breaks his neck.

Mo-ne wonders why Ki-tak did not kill her, given that he is Da-mi’s birth father, but Ki0tak tells her that it is not his right to forgive or avenge and that she should ask Da-mi and her adoptive parents for forgiveness. Chan-sung’s house helpers arrive before they can get rid of Chan-sung’s body. Mo-ne tries to delay them, but they insist on seeing Chan-sung before they leave, so Ki-tak sends them a message from Chan-sung’s phone telling them not to return until he asks for them.

Mo-ne thinks moving the body out of the house is too risky, so she puts it in the hidden prison-like room in the house and says she will continue to talk with K as Chan-sung to avoid suspicions. Sang-sik sneaks a note to Do-hyuk to inform him about Chan-sung’s death.

K calls a meeting of the billion-dollar family concerning the issue of Min Do-hyuk’s case and acquisition of the Gagok District. He wants them to finalise Do-hyuk’s case so he can be sent to prison and declare Ki-tak a wanted criminal. The others worry that going after Ki-tak might expose them since he has evidence of the hacking network at Gagok District, but K thinks it is more of a reason for them to get to him before he comes after them.

Using Luca, Do-hyuk logs into K’s CCTV camera, sees the faces of all the influential people behind K, and vows to make them pay for their evils. K texts Chan-sung, telling him to write articles about Ki-tak’s involvement in Jin-mo’s murder and make him a wanted criminal.

Mo-ne calls Ki-tak to inform him, but he already figured it would be their next move to cut off Do-hyuk’s connection to the outside world. Ki-tak is worried about Do-hyuk since there might come a time when he might be unable to protect him, so he asks Mo-ne never to give up on him. 

The billion-dollar family makes Ki-tak a wanted criminal, but K is unsettled because Do-hyuk is sitting quietly behind bars, and Ki-tak is not making any moves. In addition, Chan-sung has been quiet lately, unlike him, so he asks Luca to check his last connection, which shows he is logged in to LUCA.

K goes to the office, but Chan-sung’s secretary says he has been working from home since the flu. K feels something is amiss, so he sends a text message to Chan-sung and gets an instant response. His suspicion intensifies since it is unlike Chan-sung to text back immediately, and the response does not sound like him.

Elsewhere, Prosecutor Kang is with Myoung-ji and gets a call from the prosecutor General telling him to keep Myoung-ji in check and track her kids. Prosecutor Kang says he is not attached to getting promotions, and all he has is his pride, so he is willing to help Myoung-ji and take her to see her kids at La-hui’s house. Meanwhile, the Prime Minister awards the developmental rights of Gagok District to TIKITAKA.

K goes to Chan-sung’s house and finds the secret room where Ki-tak stashed Chan-sung’s body. He checks the CCTV footage and discovers that Do-hyuk and Ki-tak are at the house, so Mo-ne has to run out. Ki-tak tells her to go and meet up with the rest at La-hui’s house and to keep driving when K starts following her.

K calls the police to inform them of Chan-sung’s death using a burner phone and blames it on Do-hyuk. Therefore, the police issued an arrest warrant for Do-hyuk and Sang-sik, who were arrested for aiding and abetting. Ki-tak intercepts K to stop him from following Mo-ne, and they no longer get a hold of him. At the police station, Do-hyuk is taken to the Seoul detention centre. The police remove Chan-sung’s body from the house and report that Do-hyuk is the murderer. 

Mo-ne wants to turn herself in to save Do-hyuk, but Mi-young reminds her that the people they are dealing with do not care about the truth. If she turns herself in, they will use the alleged affair between her and Do-hyuk. At the detention centre, Do-hyuk is tied down and tortured by the police while K tortures Ki-tak in his house.

K wonders why Ki-tak gave himself up to K, and he tells him that K must find out. K figures out that Kang Ki-tak is Da-mi’s birth father and uses the information to torture him emotionally. He intends to kill him, but the prosecutor general calls to inform him that Do-hyuk is in solitary.

Therefore, K decides to kill Do-hyuk first and then Kang Ki-tak after he figures out their plan. K tries to kill Do-hyuk, but prosecutor Kang arrives with his team for a spot check and stops his plans. In the basement, the nanny comes to clean up blood around Ki-tak and secretly hands him a razor blade. 

On the day of Do-hyuk’s trial, K pays all the press and vloggers to make Min Do-hyuk a trending topic by spreading fake news. They intend to kill Do-hyuk and make it look like a suicide, so they need public outrage to justify the suicide. Ju-ran, Chul-woo, and Mo-ne watch the news at home, and it reminds them of what they did during Bang Da-mi’s case, so they all agree to go and help Do-hyuk. On the way out, Han-na hugs Mo-ne and makes her promise to come back.

At the same time, Myoung-ji watches the news about the signing of the Gagok Development Project, which will be happening later that afternoon at TIKITAKA studios, so she also heads out armed with a chisel. 

The public gathers where Do-hyuk killed Jin-mo for the spot check. He is to show the press and the prosecutors how he killed Jin-mo. At J’s house, his right-hand man pours a water bucket on Ki-tak to wake him up and tries to brag about how he will kill him after killing Do-hyuk, but Ki-tak breaks free and makes him swallow his words.

Mi-young is waiting outside the house for Ki-tak, and she cries happily upon seeing him alive. Mi-young updates Ki-tak on what has happened since his abduction, and he asks her to take them to Somang Hospital. Mo-ne saves Do-hyuk from the detectives, and he asks to be taken to TIKITAKA. Mo-ne hands him a laptop while Ju-ran and Chul-woo stay behind to stall the police. 

Myoung-ji arrives at TIKITAKA and sneaks up on K, ready to kill him, but the arrival of someone else to inform him of Do-hyuk’s escape stops her. The man wants K to stop the event so they can go into hiding since Do-hyuk might be heading to TIKITAKA, but K thinks that they should continue as planned, and if Do-hyuk appears, it will give them a justifiable reason to kill him.

The kill team is in place, and a kill on-site order has been granted. As Do-hyuk rushes into the TIKITAKA offices, Mo-ne calls the reporters, saying she will turn herself in for Chan-sung’s murder. Myoung-ji helps Do-hyuk find an alternative way into the event while Ki-tak and Mi-young arrive at the hospital to find the mysterious person Ki-tak went to see awake on the bed. 

During his speech, K introduces Luca to the world and gets ready to show the press the cutting-edge technology of Gagok District. However, after the countdown, the screen shows the billion-dollar family meeting where they planned to frame Do-hyuk for Jin-mo’s murder.

The press demands an explanation, but the Prime Minister casually says they have no affiliation with the video and plans to leave. However, Do-hyuk walks in and asks them if they are sure he killed Yang Jin-mo. The soldiers storm the event and surround Do-hyuk, pointing guns at him. At the end of the episode, the door reveals Kang Ki-tak and Mi-young accompanied by Yang Jin-mo. 

The Episode Review

The episode has been a thrilling, action-packed ride without a moment of slowing down. The script packed enough suspense, unpredictability, and mystery in this episode to keep us on the edge of our seats.

The build-up to the major revelation that Yang Jin-mo is alive at the end of the episode is perfectly crafted, and seeing his face light up the screen is a scene worthy of goosebumps. Do-hyuk’s plan is worthy of his title as the genius Min Do-hyuk is the fight between real and fake.

Although K and the billion-dollar family seem to be, Do you think that K is done for, or do you expect him to devise a psychotic plan to get out of the situation? What do you expect to see in the final episode? 

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