Escape of the Seven – Season 2 Episode 10 Recap & Review

Myoung-ji’s Death

Episode 10 of The Escape of the Seven: Resurrection starts with explaining what happened to Mo-ne’s mother. Mo-ne confronts Chan-sung after their wedding, and he says that he used drugs on her mother and turned her into the woman that Mo-ne described her to be. Do-hyuk follows Mo-ne’s mother after the wedding, but Chan-sung forces her to call Do-hyuk and tell him to stop going after her. Do-hyuk realises that she is saying so because Chan-sung is beside her. Regardless, he stops following her and comes up with another plan to save Mo-ne’s mother. 

While K is watching Jin-mo after the wedding, he pretends to fight with Do-hyuk but reveals his plans after K drives away. He says that he distanced himself from Myoung-ji and the kids because she wants to go against K and stop him from owning Gagok District. He even gave Do-hyuk the evidence he needed to show that Chan-sung helped him win the election by manipulating the algorithm using articles to change the people’s perspective. Jin-mo thinks of himself as a piece of trash that does not deserve a family, so he cuts ties with Myoung-ji. Meanwhile, Chan-sung learns that Han-na is missing, and Myoung-ji is seen delivering her to K’s house. 

Do-hyuk uses Chul-soo and Ju-ran to start a rumour that Chan-sung sponsored Jin-mo’s election using the evidence that Jin-mo gives him, and the rumour spreads like wildfire, being exaggerated at every turn. On the other hand, Mo-ne pretends to follow Chan-sung’s commandments while cooking up a plan to help Do-hyuk get back her mother. She becomes even more determined when she finds the room where Chan-sung holds her mother. Therefore, she starts self-inflicting bruises on her body by knocking her body against the wall. Meanwhile, the rumour about Chan-sung lying and sponsoring the elections continues growing, and Chan-sung has to hide away from the media. 

Elsewhere, Myoung-ji and her kids hide in a hotel, and she tries not to feel guilty about handing over Han-na. However, Erica and Philip miss Han-na and Jin-mo, and they make Myoung-ji keep regretting her decision. Philip says that he misses Jin-mo’s pasta, and in a flashback, we see that Jin-mo was a good father. He made Philip pasta and talked to him about caring for Myoung-ji and Erica when Jin-mo was not around. Jin-mo also threatens the leader of the mom’s blog and tells her not to go after his family, or he will reveal her dirty secrets.

Jin-mo learns that Han-na is with K, and he has no option but to announce the redevelopment project of Gagok District, so he announces that the city is restarting the Gagok District development project and says that the development will take 48 months from inception to completion. K sends his men to buy land in the Gagok District, and the price rises. Mi-young also buys some land, and K initially pays Jin-mo the ten million dollars he asked for. Everything seems to be going according to plan for K, and he has even expanded the development area. 

During the shooting, Mo-ne deliberately lets the crew see the bruises on her body, and his brother Kyung-soo takes photos and video of her begging her make-up artist not to tell anyone about the bruises. Her phone rings; she pretends it is Chan-sung and runs out, leaving the make-up artist furious. Do-hyuk used the pictures and the video during the launch of S Talk 4.0. Kang Ki-tak shows Mo-ne’s story as the first news article for S Talk 4.0, and the press eats it up. Do-hyuk shows up to answer the questions about Mo-ne’s domestic abuse, saying that Chan-sung was abusing her even before the marriage. The police are sent to Chan-sung’s house, and Mo-ne lets them in. 

Mo-ne goes into an acting mood and starts begging the police to help her, saying that her husband locks her up in a room and beats her up. When the police ask which room, Mo-ne shows them the hidden room where Chan-sung kept her mother. Ju-ran and Chul-soo show up as concerned neighbours to collaborate on her story, saying they have heard screams from the house. The housekeeper is taken for questioning while Ju-ran and Chul-soo offer to take care of Mo-ne. At the press briefing, Do-hyuk dares Chan-sung to bring Mo-ne’s mother in front of the press in three hours to prove that he has not been violent to them. Chan-sung wants to send Mo-ne’s mother out of the country, but his assistant thinks the better idea is to bring her in front of the press and whisk her away in his private jet. The news about domestic abuse affects Save and TIKITAKA’s stock prices, but K is unbothered since he has Gagok District to concentrate on. 

Kyung-soo follows Chan-sung and sees his men put his mother in the car’s boot. While Do-hyuk wants him to wait, Kyung-soo runs out of patience and confronts Chan-sung. He speeds up and stops in front of Chan-sung’s car but is not strong enough to take on Chan-sung and his men. However, the confrontation gives his mother time to escape. Chan-sung runs after her, and she hides in an abandoned building. When Chan-sung finds her, he is smoking, which gives her an idea. She no longer wants to become a burden to her kids, especially when Chan-sung says he will kill Mo-ne. She fights Chan-sung’s assistant, takes the match, and sets the house on fire. The fire spreads quickly, and Chan-sung has to run away. Mo-ne is the first one to arrive, and she sees her mother struggling inside the burning building. Ju-ran and Chul-soo hold her back, but Do-hyuk arrives and runs into the building to save her. 

The burning building reminds Do-hyuk of what happened to his mother and brother, so he is determined not to let the same happen to Mo-ne’s mother. Do-hyuk finds her and gets her out of the building unharmed. However, she has inhaled so much gas, and they rush her to the hospital before the firefighters arrive. 

Elsewhere, Myoung-ji runs into mom’s blog owner and her kid, and she apologises to her and her kids. She tells Myoung-ji to talk to her husband and ask him not to go after her since she is just a peasant, but Myoung-ji does not believe that Jin-mo stood up for them. Meanwhile, Mi-young tells her assistant to sell all the land they bought from the Gagok district, as the news says that Jin-mo will announce the company that won the bid for the project. During the announcement, Jin-Mo shocked everyone when he said that the city had no plans to restart the project and that the announcement was made to flash out cartels controlling the South Korean real estate market.

Myoung-ji watches the announcement at home and realises Jin-mo’s intention and that she put Han-na in danger. Ki-tak discovers that Han-na is held up at K-s place, and the group starts a race. K’s men intend to kill Han-na, while Do-hyuk’s group wants to save her. Myoung-ji calls Jin-mo and tells him she will get Han-na since she is the closest to K’s place and will right her wrongs. Myoung-ji is the first to arrive, and she lies to the nanny that K sent her to get Han-na. However, K calls the nanny, and she tries to stop Myoung-ji from leaving with Han-na. Myoung-ji and the nanny starts fighting, and Myoung-ji tells Han-na to go first. 

Han-na runs out of the house down to the main road and hides in a culvert when he sees K’s car approaching. K decides to take Myoung-ji inside the house since Jin-mo cherishes her too. Ki-tak arrives and sees Han-na hiding in the trench. As he takes her to the car, a gunshot is heard in the house. K shoots Myoung-ji and asks his men to bury her. As they head out, they are surrounded by Chul-woo, Ki-tak, and Jin-mo. Do-hyuk arrives later when they are backed up into an abandoned building, and he baits them into a crash. Myoung-ji is unconscious at the back of the Van, and they help her out. 

At the end of the episode, Myoung-ji regains consciousness long enough to ask Jin-mo to take care of her kids. Jin-mo is heartbroken when she dies. He did not want to lose another person he cherishes. 

The Episode Review

The episode is another sad one, ending with Myoung-ji’s death. The scriptwriters have done a fantastic job turning around Myoung-ji’s death, emotionally impacting the audience. What will happen to Erica and Philip? Will Han-na blame herself? The most surprising character in this episode is Jin-mo. I was surprised when he gave Do-hyuk something that incriminates him to use against Chan-sung.

Will they bond together and work with Do-hyuk against K and Chan-sung? Are they willing to risk jail time for the truth? I am still sceptical since they have repeatedly proven that they are untrustworthy. However, Myoung-ji’s death might change their mindset.

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