Emily In Paris – Season 2 Episode 4 “Jules and Em” Recap & Review

Jules and Em

Episode 4 of Emily In Paris Season 2 begins with Emily practicing what to say to Camille. Mindy isn’t sure this is going to work. Emily is also apparently working her way up to level 2 of French, which is a big step up from the odd “hello”, “thanks” and “please” she’s been uttering. Anyway, Emily’s focus right now is on the Champere meeting at work, where she prepares for the worst with Camille.

Camille decides since they’re in France they should all speak in French. I mean, it makes sense to be fair but Emily obviously fumbles her words given she’s not advanced enough to hold these conversations.

Between episodes 3 and 4 there’s some definite improvement with her language, and it’s something that should have been tackled in season 1. Anyway, Emily finally embraces learning French, showing up to her classes with enthusiasm and a willingness to learn.

Emily’s language lessons don’t change her outlook too much though, especially when she sees Gabriel. She urges him to lie to Camille and tell her he doesn’t have any feelings for her, determined to put this situation to bed. Well, Gabriel heads up to see her and admits that he’s to blame, not Emily. Camille scoffs at this apology and tells him he needs to grow up.

Emily meanwhile, heads to the cinema with Luc, watching a French film. In order to show how much she’s changing, Emily decides to write a letter of apology to Camille completely in French.

When she receives the letter and starts reading, what starts off quite well soon descends into hilarity as she fumbles her words. THIS side of Emily In Paris is what helps make the show better! Camille’s reply is equally hilarious, calling her a sociopath and imploring her to go away.

Mindy isn’t there to help through all of this, given she’s been recruited to work with a band of her own. When Mindy shows up for her session, she notices they’re actually buskers. They put on a really good performance but other street performers show and begin to steal the limelight. Well, Mindy decides to play along, attempting to dance in sync with a mime.

At French class, following an earlier indiscretion with Petra, Emily sits next a suave gentleman wearing a suit. Yep, it’s a new romance brewing!

The Episode Review

Jesus, what an improvement this episode was! Emily actually starts to learn French, the jokes are genuinely funny and there’s a good mix of drama and issues for all our characters to sink their teeth into.

It looks like Emily is about to get a new flame, which should prove to be an interesting dilemma, given the current Gabriel situation. This could prove to be a pivotal episode for Emily in Paris, finally leaning into a much better structure for the show. Let’s hope the rest of this season is just as strong as this chapter.

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