Electric Enemy – Burn | Album Review

Track Listing

Give Me the Words
Take the Wheel


Electric Enemy tries to find solace and the band wants their world to glow and grow into something beautiful and something special. Optimism has also been shattered on their 3 song EP Burn, which is a collection brimming in dynamism. Hooks aplenty, the record drills in its influence quickly, with instrumentals that have been painstakingly worked upon. Lyric-wise, the band has placed their guts into it, and they’ve let it all flow out and some of the words are portrayed angrily.

Such diversity rings true throughout Burn. In 3 songs, Electric Enemy has built so much in terms of process and musical prowess. The act know how to put down riffs and they know how to write evocative lyrics. These all merge together to create a melting pot. Talent does ooze into the frame and it connects to the music in such a deep way, and this outfit has so much to share.

‘Burn’ starts the EP off with a quick-fired start, with vocals that come in frantically, pushing the song to the forefront, and the anger goes up a notch – that fuming rage. The lyrics are intelligent and deeply perceptive.

‘Give Me The Words’ is a rock song with substance, and the ferocity has been removed for some emotion. Love tinkers with honesty here. Finally, ‘Take The Wheel’ is a fuzzed-up rock song, and love again is a topic and a theme which has been integrated throughout the EP. Those guitar riffs reverberate as the words tackle emotion.

Electric Enemy craves consolation and relief from inner strife. Their EP is their statement and their note to the world. 

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  • Verdict - 7.5/10

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