Eat Your Heart Out – Can’t Stay Forever | Album Review

Track Listing

Forget Me
Scissors In My Skin
Twenty Something
Poison Devotion
Deep End


Eat Your Heart Out epitomizes a band on the charge for resolution and a revolution. The act implement big choruses and breakneck instrumentals, creating a pop punk sound with attitude and vigor. Not only do they play big, they’re also adept at writing down their feelings and their innermost thoughts. On Can’t Stay Forever, the outfit release their feelings like a missile rippling through the skies.

Lyrically, the band does not hold back, and the words they use are intelligent, thought-provoking and in-depth, and it’s not often you see a pop punk band delve deeply enough into the pain they’re feeling to extract a meaningful story. This isn’t taking a shot at pop punk directly, but often you find many lacklustre lyrics that have no depth. Eat Your Heart Out doesn’t have that problem.

For it being a pop punk record, the guitar riffs are thunderous. The band opt for loud, raucous, guitar moments which are technical and original. Every song has these instrumentals that put Eat Your Heart Out in the ascendency, and there is no let-up or breakage.

‘Forget Me’ starts the record off with subtle vocals and the riffs come in fast. The chorus is big and ferocious, and the vocals do not become a needless drone. It’s a brilliant start.

‘Scissors In My Skin’ is a standout track here too, bursting with melancholy and rasping vocals. The track explores a tainted relationship and the story throws in so many plotlines.

‘Heavenly’ begins with fast-paced guitar lines and commanding vocals, but it does slow down for a slender moment until the chorus burst through. It’s loud and unapologetic.

And that ultimately sums up Eat Your Heart Out. This is a loud, unapologetic record that develops into an engaging album full of attitude.

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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