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Dolce, Sweetly

Episode 9 of Do You Like Brahms begins moments after Song-A and Joon-Young’s big kiss. They discuss Joon-Young playing the piano for Jung-Kyung. He apologises for hurting her feelings and promises to do right by her in the future. He also promises to play the piano for her. Only, she refuses and tells him she wants to do the entrance exam herself.

After her big kiss, Song-A and Min-Sung meet up and discuss her dating. Just as they do, Joon-Young shows up causing her friend to run away. While she does, Joon-Young finally admits to excited students inside that he and Song-A are dating.

With her rehearsal coming up, Joon-Young requests Song-A’s cloth as a present. While they stare lovingly into each other’s eyes, Song-A’s alarm goes off as she’s called into a meeting with Soo-Kyung.

She warns that their plan for a chamber orchestra is a lot of work and could take up a good portion of her time. News gets back to Young-In, who wonders whether this is something that’s going to harm rather than benefit Song-A’s future prospects.

Elsewhere, Hyun-Ho meets all his friends who excitedly talk about how well off he is. As they mention Jung-Kyung, he eventually admits that they broke up. It causes quite the silence to descend over the group as Hyun-Ho thinks over what happened.

Back at the Foundation, Director Na has dinner with an associate and contemplates whether Jung-Kyung should run the foundation after her.

Jung-Kyung though hands over the recital sheet music to Joon-Young. As they get talking, he admits to dating Song-A and tells her to speak to Hyun-Ho properly about what happened.

Song-A receives a list of names for people attending dinner later that day. Among them happens to be Hyun-Ho, whom Song-A phones and reveals that she’s dating Joon-Young. He isn’t too happy about it though, berating Joon-Young about how Jung-Kyung must feel in the wake of this.

At the foundation, Joon-Young receives some encouraging words from Young-In about his relationship. Not long after, he meets Song-A while rehearsing who admits they won’t be able to do dinner that evening.

She’s going for dinner with one of her old club friends but promises that Dong-Yun won’t be there so he doesn’t gave to get jealous. Only, Dong-Yun gets off work early and shows up. He immediately finds out that Song-A is dating Joon-Young.

She also asks about his Professor but Joon-Young remains quiet and admits that he’s a good teacher. As we see from a flashback though, he actually told Joon-Young he’s not any good without him there to help prop him up.

Back at the dinner, everyone leaves while waiting for Min-Sung to show up leaving just Dong-Yun and Song-A at the table. She admits to liking Joon-Young now but also tells him she used to like him for a very long time.

Only, Min-Sung suddenly shows up and overhears Song-A’s conversation. Joon-Young is there too and it all becomes very awkward as Min-Sung turns and rushes away.

The Episode Review

Joon-Young and Song-A’s relationship continues to blossom as the duo navigate the world of dating and tell everyone what’s going on between them.

The ending with Dong-Yun is admittedly a little annoying, especially given the misunderstanding trope going on here that’s likely to cause problems in the upcoming episodes.

Still, the romance elements are nicely included and the supporting characters do well in their roles too. Quite what will happen next though remains to be seen but one thing’s for sure – it’s bound to be dramatic!


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