Doom Patrol – Season 2 Episode 4 Recap & Review

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After last week’s trio of episodes, it seems clear now that Dorothy is going to play a pretty big part in the season ahead. With every member of the Doom Patrol going through their own issues, including Jane being usurped and Cliff going through an existential crisis, all of this culminates in one big question – what darkness lurks in the depth of Dorothy’s mind?

Episode 4 of Doom Patrol Season 2 begins in London 1978. Dorothy sits with Niles and promises she’ll be good while he’s gone. As Niles argues with Danny over what to do with Dorothy, we cut back to the present as Niles deliberates over whether to send his daughter back or not.

With Danny’s brick broken, Flex Mentallo and the rest of the group arrive at the Manor and decide to try and bring Danny back. First thing’s first though – they prep for a Danny party.

That evening, Dorothy sings a beautiful rendition of Pure Imagination and it’s enough to bring Danny back. However, in order to keep the energy going the party is cranked up a notch. It’s bedtime for Dorothy though and this means no more partying. As she lies in bed, the ominous voice we’ve heard before continues to provoke her, convincing Dorothy to head back downstairs.

Meanwhile in the Underground, Hammerhead berates Jane while she’s trapped behind a cage. She’s no longer in the driving seat and back on the surface Scarlet happens to be the one in control.

When Vic returns to the mansion, he soon gets into the party spirit after receiving some encouraging words of wisdom at the bar. Unfortunately Larry is not in the mood after an earlier bout of awkwardness, and he sits with Cliff bemoaning his luck and how he messes everything up.

Flex happens to be just the guiding spirit Rita needs, convincing her that “with great muscles, comes great responsibility” as they get to work. While they “get busy”, in Kathmandu Nepal a shadowy sex demon dematerializes after hearing Jane inside the Manor and appears on the walls there as a shadow.

The party soon comes to an abrupt end though when Kiss and Torture, two members from the Sexmen, arrive after receiving reports of a sex demon on a rampage. It turns out if this demon absorbs enough sexual energy it’ll give birth to a baby that’ll cause every single child on Earth to cease to exist.

With the fate of the world on the line, Dorothy finds out the truth surrounding why she was taken to Danny’s in the first place while Jane is the one who saves the day, destroying the baby before it cries.

In the aftermath of this, Danny confronts Niles and tells him he needs to change while the beaten members of the Doom Patrol sit together and greet Vic back in the house. Dorothy meanwhile finds herself conflicted over what to do moving forward, which is where the episode comes to a close.

With a nice self-contained story and a decent amount of humour throughout, the various characters are given some good depth amidst the chaotic and sexy party developing around them. Flex and Rita work really well together and Jane’s internal problems will almost certainly cause issues for the group in the future.

So far though the season has done well to keep the same quirky humour and ideas from the first but it’s always difficult to follow up such an original premise and this much does show a second time around. However, wildcard Dorothy is enough to make for an intriguing combustible element and I’m sure we’ll find out sooner rather than later just what the darkness hides inside her.


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