Don’t Blame Karma (2022) Ending Explained – Was Sara actually cursed?

‘Don’t Blame Karma’ Plot Synopsis

An adaptation of the novel by Laura Norton, Don’t Blame Karma is a Mexican romantic comedy from director Elisa Miller. It follows Sara (Aislinn Derbez), a fashion designer whose famous sister Lucy (Renata Notni) steals all of her luck. When Lucy becomes engaged to Aaron Star (Gil Cerezo), Sara’s childhood friend and love of her life, it further convinces Sara that she’s forever cursed to be unhappy.

Why does Sara think she is cursed?

Ever since she was a young girl, Sara has believed herself to be under the effects of a curse. It started when her sister Lucy turned 5, and Sara blew out the candles on her cake to steal her birthday wish. Lucy angrily turned toward her and vowed to steal all of her wishes from that point on.

From then on, Sara could never achieve anything she wanted. Lucy was the popular one in school, who grew up to become a rich and famous model. Meanwhile, Sara moved into her grandmother’s rickety old house and opened up a struggling business to sell her fashion designs. She doesn’t even have passionate feelings for the man she’s dating.

Sara becomes all the more convinced of the curse’s reality when Lucy visits with her new fiance, Aaron–who just so happens to be Sara’s old friend and crush. Lucy really does get everything Sara wants.

Are Sara and Aaron still in love?

With Aaron staying at Sara’s house before his wedding to her sister, it becomes clear that the spark they had in high school never fizzled out.

Sara and Aaron easily rekindle their friendship. He pushes her to accept an offer to design for the prestigious Fashion Fest. They even get drunk together one night and dance together, reliving old memories. Sara ends up falling for Aaron all over again, but she could never betray her sister.

Does Sara marry Roberto?

Sara’s boyfriend Roberto surprises her by showing up at her house and telling her he’s going to move to her town. It’s painfully clear, however, that the couple doesn’t have any chemistry.

But to stop herself and Aaron from getting any closer, Sara decides to marry Roberto. Their rushed engagement doesn’t last long, however. Sara panics over the idea, and Roberto picks up on the fact that she wants him to leave. They break up and part on good terms.

Does Lucy marry Aaron?

Lucy’s and Aaron’s engagement is still on, however, and they’ve only known each other for a few months. But funnily enough, neither seem too happy to marry the other.

It’s Lucy who pulls Aaron aside right before the wedding to unleash her doubts on him. They both share with each other that they’re not in love.

In the end, it’s not Lucy and Aaron who get married, but it’s Sara’s and Lucy’s parents who renew their vows.

Did Lucy curse Sara?

After breaking up with Aaron, Lucy tells Sara that this is her chance to be with him. Sara disagrees, finally confessing to Lucy that she feels cursed to not be able to want things. She reminds her sister of the birthday party and how she stole all of Sara’s wishes.

But Lucy corrects her. There was a part of the party Sara doesn’t remember: Lucy later apologized to her and offered to give all of her wishes back. Sara, angry and proud, refused her apology.

Lucy then tells Sara that she isn’t cursed. Everything that has or hasn’t happened for her has largely resulted from her own attitude.

This sinks in for Sara, as she realizes she has to go after Aaron. Of course she’ll never get what she wants if never pursues anything.

How does ‘Don’t Blame Karma’ end?

Sara finds Aaron and kisses him, but that isn’t the end of Don’t Blame Karma.

Sara and Lucy make total amends with each other. To make up for a wish that was never fulfilled for Sara, the sisters go on vacation together. The film ends with them sitting on a beach and watching whales in the ocean.


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