Doctor Strange – Release Date: 28th October 2016


Despite retreading an all too familiar plotline, Doctor Strange is aesthetically one of the best looking Marvel films, with a clever use of psychedelic scenes that spill over to the well choreographed fights. The villain is handled in a clever, out-of-the-box way and manages to feel original enough to somewhat forgive the formulaic plot.

Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) begins as a brilliant neurosurgeon who can do no wrong. That is, until he’s involved in a horrific car accident that leaves him unable to use his hands. Encouraged to go on a spiritual journey, in the process he becomes entangled in the world of mystic arts and finds purpose to his life again,

Whilst the story isn’t anything outstanding, the way the film manages to blend its hypnotising, breathtaking visuals into its action makes it arguably one of the stand out Marvel films. The opening scenes set the tone, with a literal world-bending fight on rooftops. Its a great scene to start the film with and it immediately draws us into the action.

For me, the acting was simply okay. Apart from Benedict Cumberbatch who does a very good job of portraying Doctor Strange, especially during some of his more tumultuous scenes, the rest of the supporting cast are simply good. That’s not to say there’s anything particularly bad about them but there were times where I felt some of the dialogue hindered the pace set by the opening action.

Having said all that, Doctor Strange is a great hedonistic trip. The visuals are extremely impressive and right up until the final fight the film is dripping in its unique art style that makes it stand out from other Marvel films. Whilst the plot is standard Marvel-fodder (ordinary guy becomes hero, hero learns he’s the best [insert trait here], hero saves the world), thankfully its handled with just the right dash of originality to make it one of the strangest Marvel films to grace our screens.


  • Verdict - 7.5/10

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