Doctor Cha – K-drama Episode 2 Recap & Review

Splashing The Cash

Episode 2 of Doctor Cha begins with all our characters waiting outside the Intensive Care Unit as Jeong-suk goes into cardiac arrest. In-ho doesn’t go through with the transplant in the end, but thankfully a braindead patient is brought in just as all this occurs, so the doctor nearby decides to check to see if it’s a match. As Jeong-suk wakes up, it’s clear now that she is a match, and her statement about him being a bastard is in relation to In-ho betraying her.

As a result of this, Jeong-suk is cold toward her husband, just like he has been to her all this time, and is discharged back home. This time though, she looks over her house with different eyes. Her mother-in-law is all smiles and hands over some flowers too, but Jeong-suk is definitely not feeling the warmth.

It’s all fake, as things quickly settle back into a familiar rhythm. Her mother-in-law is her usual nagging self, sending Jeong-suk off to pick up expensive items from the shop, while In-ho moans about the coffee beans. All of this, as she’s bustling back and forth between the kitchen and different rooms, makes Jeong-suk feel new waves of loneliness and she wonders what she’s doing with her life. In fact, In-ho mentions her applying for a disabled permit so he can get better parking at the hospital, which is enough to push her over the edge.

Jeong-suk goes on a wild shopping spree, taking a page out her mother-in-law’s book by splashing the cash. In-ho can’t concentrate during his lecture as he notices his phone constantly going off. In fact, while doing the rounds, he keeps getting message notifications. When In-ho eventually calls and questions her, she’s decided to spend money how she really should have done all those years back, shamelessly deciding that she’s going to live for herself now. After all, how else is she going to do that without her own income?

In fact, In-ho is now to make his own coffee, she’s drinking her mother-in-law’s detox juice and the tables turn as this time, she’s actually the one being catered to. Not only that, but she visits her mother too and the pair have brunch together. And when she gets home, her mother-in-law is shocked to see the designer bag Jeong-suk has picked up. But that’s just the start!

Jeong-suk’s lavish lifestyle and spending continues, but she’s shocked to learn from her friend that In-ho has a first love. And that woman? Seung-hi. The thing is, Jeong-suk and In-ho’s relationship seemed to have issues from the start. The pair ended up having a shotgun wedding and In-ho left Seung-hi abruptly to be with her. All of this occurred so suddenly, with the pair kissing while on a trip together, and In-ho getting her pregnant from their fling together, something that Seung-hi found out while they were studying all together. It’s a horrible way to learn In-ho was unfaithful, and also how Jung-min was conceived too.

Jeong-suk shows up at the hospital a day later and speaks to In-ho. She wants the house to be jointly owned from now on and she wants an answer as soon as he gets home. In-ho breathes deeply, trying to regain his composure. As for Jeong-suk, on the way out she notices a trainee being grilled by a doctor. On her way out, she runs into Doctor Roy, who asks for her number. She’s surprised and believes that he’s chatting her up but actually, he just wants to end over the pictures of her in scrubs that he took. He also gives her some encouraging words of wisdom, believing that she’d actually do really well if she dived back into medicine again.

Predictably, In-ho refuses the idea of jointly owning the house, but when Jeong-suk brings up applying for residency, In-ho is incredulous and laughs. She points out her grades were much better than his back then, but  he’s convinced that she’ll fail at this completely. This only riles up Jeong-suk further, and she brings this agitation to her dinner with her mother-in-law too.

She points out that it was her who rejected sharing the house and tries to pay her off with a second-hand car too. Jeong-suk refuses and instead, doubles down on her studying, in secret of course, juggling all her responsibilities.

The big day arrives for the resident assessment examination, and Jeong-suk answers all the questions and gets 49/50! Wow. She absolutely smashes it and she’s overjoyed when she finds out, even picking out glasses and a fresh look reminiscent of what she had growing up. But what will she major in? Well, it doesn’t matter given she’s deemed to be too old and her liver transplant makes her doubly out, according to the management.

Jeong-suk is unaware of this of course, as she shows up for her residency interview. Funnily enough, she’s also there for an interview alongside her son, who also happens to be in the same room. Jeong-suk is rejected due to her age, and told to apply for other hospitals…. but has she really? Well, the next scene sees Seung-hi showing round the new recruits, with one among them happening to be Jeong-suk. When In-jo sees this, he’s shocked and hides round the corner, clutching his chest.

The Episode Review

That’s more like it! While the first episode set the scene for what’s to be a blend of comedy and drama, episode 2 really leans into the comedy and in doing so, ignites this drama in the best possible way.

There’s some great laughs in this too and while In-ho does well to bring up a sleazy, childlike pettiness that makes you love to hate him, Jeong-suk’s plucky attitude and “take no crap” demeanour makes her a force to be reckoned with – and a highly enjoyable protagonist to watch.

The moments of seeing her root on her son while they both prepare for an interview together is a nice touch too, while seeing Jeong-suk head off and splash In-ho’s cash makes for a really satisfying watch, especially given the way he’s been treating her.

If this is a sign of things to come in the episodes ahead, Doctor Cha looks to be a highly enjoyable watch. Roll on next week!

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