Disenchanted (2022) Ending Explained – Does Morgan get Giselle to remember?

Disenchanted Plot Synopsis

Guided by Pip the chipmunk’s handy narration, Disenchanted picks up a few years after the first movie’s happily ever after. Giselle and Robert have a baby girl and face the exhausting days of early parenthood. Their apartment feels smaller than before and Morgan is now a teenager. Her moodiness strains her relationship with Giselle. Thinking that a change in location might do them good, the family moves to the suburban town of Monroeville.

But their problems persist and when Morgan and Robert don’t seem happier, Giselle uses a magical Andalasian wand to wish for the perfect fairy-tale life. At first, it seems that her wish has come true. Monroeville becomes Monrolasia, Morgan is chirpy and sings along with Giselle while Robert is ready to go battle dragons and ogres.

But Giselle soon realises things have gone wrong when she begins to turn into a wicked step-mother. Moreover, the wand has been stolen. A magical scroll that came with the wand tells her that she must reverse the wish before the last stroke of midnight.

Does Giselle reverse the wish?

As time goes on, Giselle becomes more and more like the wicked stepmother — vain, cruel and ambitious. She realises she can’t make things right while she’s like this. Instead, it is up to Morgan to do something. While struggling with her evil alter-ego, Giselle pushes Morgan into the well and down into Andalasia.

Afterwards, Giselle completely turns into the wicked stepmother and decides she wants to become queen. She has Pip — who has turned into an evil cat — steal back her wand from Malvina’s henchwomen. Armed with it, she heads to the ball to challenge Malvina and take on the role of queen.

Does Morgan help Giselle remember who she is?

Morgan arrives in Andalasia to find a giant hole in the sky that is draining it of all magic, due to Giselle’s spell. When she explains everything to Nancy and Edward, Nancy reminds Morgan about the power of memories and how they can bring the real Giselle back. They head to Giselle’s memory tree but it’s dying. At Morgan’s touch, however, the memories and the leaves seem to come back to life. After all, she’s a part of them too. Nancy encourages her and Morgan brings all the memories to life. The magic swirls around them as they teleport back to Monrolasia.

Morgan finds the magic of the memories has gone into the drawing of a memory tree she made when she was little. She rushes to the ball where Giselle and Malvina are battling it out. While running towards Giselle, she trips and the drawing flies towards Giselle. Still under the spell, the ‘wicked’ Giselle tears up the paper and burns the pieces. But they swirl around her, with bits and pieces of the memories making themselves heard — Giselle remembers who she is.

Do the two worlds survive?

Even as Giselle gets her real self back, Monrolasia continues draining Andalasia’s magic and the two worlds collapse into each other. Malvina uses her magic to hold Morgan hostage and makes Giselle drop the wand. She then steps on it, breaking it in half. Giselle grows weak as Andalasia’s magic is drained. Robert rushes to stop the clock from striking midnight, giving them some time before the spell becomes permanent.

Since magic can’t be broken, Giselle tells Morgan to take a piece of the wand and make a wish. Morgan says she can’t because she isn’t a true daughter of Andalasia. In a heartfelt speech, Giselle tells her she is a true daughter of Andalasia since Giselle is her mother and loves her so. Drained of magic, Giselle falls to the ground, seemingly dying. Morgan uses the wand to wish that she was at home with her mother.

The wish works and Morgan wakes up in her own bed. Giselle is okay and everything is back to how it was before.

What happens to Malvina Monroe?

Apart from Giselle and Morgan, everyone feels like it was all a dream, including Robert. Giselle meets Malvina and apologises for going too far with her efforts at school as she was only doing it for Morgan. Malvina agrees that she also tends to go too far sometimes. She offers Giselle a spot on one of the school’s committees.

How does Disenchanted end?

Disenchanted ends with the family of three happily settled in Monroeville. Robert starts a small practice in town so he doesn’t have to commute to New York every day. Morgan gets comfortable at school and becomes close with Tyson, Malvina’s son. Giselle says that not everyone gets the perfect happily ever after. That they will have good days and bad days but they’ll never take any of them for granted again.

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