Dickinson – Season 3 Episode 9 “Grief is a Mouse” Recap & Review

Grief is a Mouse

Episode 9 of Dickinson Season 3 begins with Edward reflecting on the chaotic nature of his family. With ties strained with Emily and Austin off on his own, Edward has a big opportunity on the horizon. He’s offered a position of Lieutenant governor but Edward refuses. He’s a changed man now and this immediately sees his meeting with the law society cut short. In fact, the carriage is stopped immediately, with Edward forced to walk back home.

Meanwhile, Emily brings Lavinia and Austin to a sibling meeting outside. There, she breaks the news that Austin is being left with everything when Edward dies. Although Lavinia is indifferent to this, given the patriarchal rule that’s the norm, Emily wants to lay down some rules.

Emily admits that Austin’s assessment of Edward is correct, calling him, in no uncertain terms, an a**hole. She also makes him promise not to be the same man as Edward when he takes over the estate. Austin agrees to the terms.

With this matter settled, Emily helps bring Mrs. Dickinson around, raising her up from her depressed state. A mouse crawling across the floor is perceived to be Aunt Lavinia back from the dead. This singular action is enough for Mrs. Dickinson to open up about her pent-up grief.

Meanwhile, George is heading off to war. He received his draft card several days ago and breaks the news to Austin and Sue. It’s here Austin admits to Sue and George that he actually received a draft card of his own and paid someone to take his place. He didn’t want to leave his baby.

Meanwhile, Henry is promoted up to Sergeant after his excellent work with the regiment. Higginson is heading to Amherst, intent on finding Emily and talking to her about her poems. Of course, Henry knows exactly who Emily is. When he tells Higginson, he’s both surprised and excited.

Back in Amherst, George’s leaving party is in full swing. What begins as joyous dancing and partying soon turns to beautiful reflection as everyone listens to Emily’s words. Sue is the one most affected by the poem though, and as the night draws on, the pair wind up sleeping together.

The Episode Review

The penultimate episode to Dickinson Season 3 eases up a bit after last week’s trippy and visually beautifully episode. This time it’s all about grief and, to a larger extent, the effects of war on one’s family. In that respect, Dickinson does a pretty good job, although characters like Edward and Mrs Dickinson don’t have a whole lot to do this time around.

Likewise, Lavinia and Henry also don’t have much story depth here, although the latter being made Sergeant is a nice touch and certainly welcome to the story.

This chapter essentially serves as the proverbial deep breath before next week’s finale, leaving plenty of tantalizing prospects on the table for the next episode.

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