Designated Survivor: 60 Days – Season 1 Episode 8 Recap & Review

The Minister Of Defence

Picking up where it left off from before, Designated Survivor: 60 Days returns right to the heart of its drama with another decent episode. With most of the conflict revolving around Assemblyman Oh and Na-Gyung’s discovery this week, the fate of Korea rests on the shoulders of Acting President Park.

As Park himself deliberates over whether to run for presidency or not, news about Myung’s death reach the press thanks to a tip-off, and people seeing the body being transported away. Han warns Park to tread lightly. With the Presidential Elections coming up, every move taken will be turned into ammunition to be used used against them by the opposition.

Na-Gyung checks the CCTV footage and sees Assemblyman Oh enter Room 119. Agent Jeong rushes to Park’s side and tells him he’s the one who killed Myung in a surprising turn of events. Unfortunately, this causes shock-waves with Na-Gyung whose forced to hand over the reigns of the operation to higher authorities and be called in for questioning incase she was an accomplice. Trapped in a corner, she decides to run for it and manages to get picked up in the parking lot by Ji-Won.

Na-Gyung phones Yun soon after and tells her Oh cannot become Minister Of Defence. As she drives to the meeting, she’s hit by a car. Paramedics rush to the scene and one approaches the car. Only, the man attempts to choke her out when he realizes she’s not actually dead. Thankfully, Na-Gyung manages to accelerate away.

Meanwhile, Yun comes under pressure after asking for a short recess thanks to a tip off from Na. As the detective is out of commission, the delay is all for nothing as Oh is appointed Minister Of Defence. After the meeting, Yun approaches Park and tells him about the tip-off and her suspicions over Oh. As we learn Ji-Won has saved Na-Gyung again, Park deliberates over what to do about Oh.

After much thought, his hand is forced as it’s revealed there’s a whistleblower inside the Blue House. A document is released to the press detailing corruption within the Chief Office. As the men discuss who it could be, the press learn via an anonymous source that more scandals surrounding President Park will be released the following day. As Blue House plead with the President to let them know if there’s anything he’s hiding, we leave the door wide open for next week’s set of episodes.

While not quite as dramatic as yesterday’s slice of political drama, Designated Survivor: 60 Days continues to deliver the goods here with another solid episode. With the continued merry-go-round of politics overwhelming the episode, 60 Days does well to keep things accessible and interesting. Quite where the episode will go from here remains to be seen but for now, the show does well to keep things hanging on a cliffhanger going into next week.

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