Decoy – K-drama Episode 6 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

The Decoys

Episode 6 of Decoy starts with Jae-hwang hanging himself. In a flashback to 2007, Sang-cheon’s business and how they managed to get it big are explained. They got huge funding from a celebrity whose popularity also helped get the public interested in their business. However, two months later the business hit a snug as the customers start realizing that they were scammed and the free phone bought was just a walkie-talkie.

The year 2023, back to the scene where Na-yeon and Do-han find Jae-Hwang. The crime investigations team is processing the scene and they find a dash camera and a phone in Jae-hwang’s pocket. The other team call Do-han to inform him that they found Jong-hun’s car and were checking the CCTV cameras. The car is smashed and the dash camera is ripped out. They suspect that he had been abducted.

Jae-hwang’s phone is unlocked and they find a suicide note. He confesses to having done terrible crimes due to range and apologized to the bereaved. He says the chose to pay for the deeds with his death. Someone sees the deputy head walking looking disoriented on a highway and calls the police. Do-han goes to pick him up. In the car, he says that he barely escaped from Jae-hwang. Na-yeon who is in the backseat questions if he is telling the truth.

Back at the station, one of the detectives assigned to taking care of the deputy’s head reports that he was okay to report to work the next day. He also tells them that the deputy head asked for a report to be provided in two days about the case. However, the detectives have a feeling that something does not add up. Do-han asks them to wait for the autopsy before making the reports.

Byeong-jun is released from prison just as a broadcaster announces the death of Jae-hwang and mentions his possible connection to the councilman’s death. Elsewhere, Do-han is getting an autopsy report about Jae-hwang’s death. The doctor says that all evidence points to it being a suicide.

The deputy head flashes back to when he was abducted. The abductor lets him go in promising that he would live in remorse. Do-han brings him the autopsy reports. He also informs him that the murder cases will be closed due to the suspect’s death.

Na-yeon calls Do-han to inform him that she will continue the investigation to find the real killer or definitive proof that Jae-hwang was the killer. She will start by visiting Han Da-Jeong, the victim turned scammer Jae-hwang met with, and start tracing his steps. Do-han joins her. He gets riled up after meeting the fraudster and gets them thrown out. They do not get any information from her.

Do-han tells Na-yeon that he knows the woman and asks her to explain what she meant by saying she was a victim turned scammer. Her original name was Han Chun-ja. She turned scammer after being scammed to get her money back. Ponzi schemes are all about taking money from latecomers and giving it back to people who had been scammed before.

After they leave her office, she calls someone and tells him about a cop showing up at her office. She hoped to be left out since she only did what the other person asked her to. She asks about Jae-hwang’s death and the other person hangs up on her.

She flashes back to her discussion with Jae-hwang. He was furious with her for scamming people. She had given her a contact to help him with farming so he could forget the past. He says something about her forgetting why he went to prison and yells out in anger saying he will never forget.

Do-han tells Na-yeon how he knew the woman. His younger sister was killed seven years ago by someone connected to Han Da-Jeong. He refuses to tell her more saying anything else is unrelated. Do-han thinks that the package sent to Jae-hwang’s mother was similar to how the killer made sure the police found Young-jin killed. They might have sent the package with an address to make sure the detectives found Jae-hwang too. Na-yeon thinks Jae-hwang might have sent the package to help his mother find his body. Do-han thinks Da-jeong is connected to the case but he cannot figure out how.

Flashback to 2011, Jong-hun visits Seong-dae’s office. He has So-ram’s call record, which indicates that she had been in contact with Seong-dae. He gets infuriated and throws Do-hun out of the office. Young-jin gets out of his hiding and continues to tell Seong-dae about Sang-cheon changing money to gold bars to help launder his money. Young-jin had the idea that they should let Sang-cheon get caught and take his money. Seong-dae does not think so and they get into a scuffle.

Elsewhere, So-ram is at the hideout provided by Jae-hwang and Byeong-jun. She gets a call from Seong-dae who informs him that Sang-cheon is taking care of loose ends by cutting people who know of his secret. Sang-cheon is listening in on their conversation. He sends someone to go pick her up but before they could leave Byeong-jun and Da-jeong show up. They recognize the man as one of Sang-cheon’s attendants and they get into a fight. So-ram escapes but meets with Jae-hwang outside. He runs to help Byeong-jun and that is how he ended up killing the attendant and went to prison.

How Does Decoy Season 1 end?

In the year 2023, the deputy head calls Do-han to his office and asks about the case reports since it was closed with the death of the suspect. Do-han tells him he asked for more time to look into unsatisfactory parts since it was written with the purpose to determine Jae-hwang was the culprit. He asks where he was abducted by Jae-hwang. He would check the CCTV and write the final reports. He had changed his mind and was now acting as a detective. People change according to circumstances. Jong-hun regrets having assigned the case to Do-han.

Do-han tells his team to investigate the deputy head’s movements before he was abducted and try to trace Jae-hwang’s whereabouts at the same time. The detectives feel that the weird feeling they had before about loose ends was starting to dissipate. Just then, the disciplinary officer walked in. He tells him that his suspension was lifted without following procedure and since there was an inspection coming up, it was time for him to head home.

The victims get another text from a person claiming to be Jae-hwang. They are baffled since they were sure he was already dead.

Elsewhere, Jong-hun is heading somewhere when he notices a possible car accident. He goes to try and help the victim but is also cautious that it might be a trap. Another car passes and stops a few meters from the accident. A masked man gets out and Jong-hun is ready with the gun. He asks him to unmask when the supposed woman in the crashed car takes off the wig and gets off the car. The deputy head Jong-hun is stunned.

The Episode Review

Part 1 ends with a major cliffhanger. Although most of the mysteries have been solved, there is still the mystery of whether Sang-cheon is dead or alive. In addition, who is the killer and why are the people connected to the Bigs Network swindle being targeted?

Do-han’s back-story is still a mystery and the main culprits are still unknown. The story has been intense with unimaginable twists and turns. It is still very difficult to try and guess who the killer is. However, it seems like someone high up is pulling the strings and the councilmen, the prosecutor, the deputy head, and even the victims are just decoys in his elaborate scheme.

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