Deca-Dence – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

A Big Twist

In the wake of the battle with the Gadoll, the humans gather and mourn the fallen. As they do, we suddenly skip across to a bright, vibrant world with a completely different colour palette and art style. It’s here everything we’ve learned up until this point is turned completely upside down.

Episode 2 of Deca-Dence completely changes the game, revealing that actually what we’ve got here is a playground for aliens living in a nearby spaceship who control humanoid avatars known as Gears. 

The only way for these aliens to avoid being scrapped completely is by controlling these warriors and fighting to make it to the top of the leader-board.

As we cut back in time 7 years, we see Kaburagi and other Warriors honing their skills on the battlefield. The competitiveness of this sees both Kaburagi and Mikey constantly competing to make it to the top.

Worried that he’ll drop in rank, Mikey takes a risky gamble to make himself stronger and avoid being scrapped. Ignoring Kaburagi’s advice to keep things discrete, Mikey is found out for cheating and subsequently tortured.

Unfortunately, Kaburagi is also punished for this and forced to be an armour repairer and feed back any bugs. 

This cuts us back to the present where Kaburagi and Natsumi talk on Deca-Dence. However, our armour repairer struggles to find the young girl in the system, given it appears she died in the past.

Realizing that she’s a bug, Kaburagi eventually decides to reboot the system, which is where the episode ends.


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