Dead to Me – Season 3 Episode 9 “We’re Almost Out of Time” Recap & Review

We’re Almost Out of Time

Moranis enjoys the scones Jen has brought and listens to her story intently at the start of episode 9 for Dead to Me Season 3. Jen is crying endlessly, desperately hoping to convince him or her innocence in the matter. Jen’s lie is indeed something that would get her out of trouble with the FBI if they did find her DNA on his body. Given that Mpranis already has a sample of her DNA through the water bottle, a match would put her in trouble. Jen lies that the baby is Steve’s. Her reasons for keeping it to herself foremostly are due to Judy’s condition and sensitive nature. Moranis almost chokes on the scenes as he cracks a joke and chuckles, not because Jen has poisoned them (as she claimed she “could” do in the last episode. Or has she?

On her way out, she watches two men in suits going toward Moranis’ apartment.┬áJudy has a day to herself. She skates freely along the beach, has ice cream, and enjoys the calm before the storm. She has already undergone the scans and seems content with the likelihood of the chemo not working. Right after that, she tells Jen that she has already got the results and that chemo did not work. Jen says they can take a second consultation but Judy says she has accepted it. The children overhear Jen talking about the baby.

Ben accepts the charges but Nick is confused as to why Jen would not press them. When Perez once again jumps to her defense, Nick realizes they are friends and Perez gets nervous when he confronts her about it. He implores her to take everything she knows about the case to Moranis and the camera slowly zooms in to manifest her dilemma. Jen is unable to get Judy into the cancer trial. Ben calls from prison and Jen breaks down when talking about Judy. He tries to comfort her and before she can say she loves him back, the phone line disconnects.

Judy’s mother is out of jail and they have brunch. She seems almost uninterested in Judy’s life but the daughter wants to make things right. Although she rejects her mother when she asks to move in for a while, Judy gives her a packet of money before leaving. Judy covers the illness with the story about Sonoma. Henry expresses his joy at the pregnancy, saying they will be a family of four again. With Ben and Judy, six. Jen emotionally looks the other way but does not tell him about the results. Judy packs a suitcase and is almost about to leave when Charlie comes into her room. They have an emotional chat, She tries to explain to Charlie that Jen does everything for her kids and will be there for him no matter what.

Charlie feels almost betrayed by her life decisions but Judy asks him to take it easy on her. Jen drops off the paper cranes to Jana and it turns out, she is a doctor. She also knows the Oncology Head at the experimental clinic and says she can get Judy in. Perez goes to the motel to tell him the truth but finds his dead body and the place ransacked. It was the two guys whom Jen saw – the Greeks. This has turned the investigation around and vindicated Jen and Judy entirely from any suspicion. The police now think it is the Mafia behind everything.

Eleanor visits Jen’s house. The mother feels her daughter is running a gambit as that is the only way she could have come across this money. Jen corrects her saying she sold her paintings. When Eleanor starts ranting about Judy not letting her stay with her,┬áJen tells her the truth about Judy’s illness. Eleanor shuts silent for a while and decides to hang back as Jen goes looking for Judy when Henry tells her that she has left. Judy has in fact gone to the county jail to confess to Nick about Steve’s murder. She knows Jen will not survive the DNA test and knows she is dying anyway. So, she feels this is the last thing she could do for her.

She shows him the birds and how she did it, evoking a wry “I knew that” smile from Nick. Jen meets Judy in the holding room and lambasts her for giving up. Judy screams out of anger, saying she is responsible for her own decisions and well capable of taking them. Jen and Judy decide to take that vacation to Mexico where Steve has a property. Jen talks to Nick about delaying his findings to the FBI and despite his protests, somehow convinces him.

Nick agrees to do it because of his friendship and fondness for Judy. Eleanor and Judy make up before she says goodbye for the last time. Judy gives her car to Eleanor who he’s to San Francisco to start a new life. Nick learns of Moranis’ death. Jen and Judy start on their journey to Mexico.

The Episode Review

In their heads right now, Jen & Judy are a couple of outlaws. They really seem to be embracing the criminal life and have just taken it up a notch. They are, of course, in the clear now as a federal agent is dead and it is a powerful organization that is behind it. There is no way anything else matters for the authorities.

It seems like the creative decision is not to give us a comforting goody-good ending but a tearful, emotional one. It seems fair for them to ask this of us as the show has been a roller coaster ride and the characters have been through a lot. One of the most endearing things in these last episodes is how easily Applegate’s Jen is brought to tears every time Judy’s subject comes up.

The two women have really bonded and Jen looks like the one who cannot let go of things. Her fighting attitude is indeed admirable and combusts really well with her emotional state of mind.

This episode must be seen in combination with the finale, as this felt like an extended version of that. We have come a long way in the story. But right now, and till the end, it is all about these beautiful women and their established love for each other that has brought to us such an immaculately entertaining and thoughtful story.

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