Dead to Me – Season 3 Episode 2 “We Need to Talk” Recap & Review

We Need to Talk

Jen tries practicing breaking the cancer news to Judy at the start of episode 2 for Dead to Me season 3. Both are back home from the hospital having sustained no major injuries. Judy is making cupcakes for Charlie for his birthday. With everything going on, he deserves space to be normal for once.

Judy sees Steve’s body being discovered as a good thing. The family will get closure, Jen & Judy will not have to worry about that news anymore, and there is nothing linking them to the murder. Jen tries but is unable to reveal cancer to Judy. They plan to get high but when they reach Judy’s room, they find Charlie sitting on the bed,.

He interrogates them about the letter. It is implied in it that Jen killed Steve Wood and Judy killed Ted. But Charlie thinks that Judy was having an affair with Ted, not that she was indirectly involved in killing him. Jen craftily pretends to break down and convinces him that she did not kill Steve. The Greek mafia is responsible for the same and Charlie believes her because he found that duffle bag in Steve’s car. That is why she burnt the car too. It all seems to have worked out; for now. As for Judy, Jen thinks choosing the lesser evil might mitigate the circumstance here.

Henry goes for a playdate with Shandy. The two play “Stockholm Syndrome”. Perez and Nick visit Jen’s house. They have come to collect their statements for the hit and run. Perez informs them of the FBI’s involvement in the case now and Jen and Judy feel on edge. Jen and Perez have a one-on-one. She is livid when Jen tells her that she has lost the murder weapon (it is actually with Henry). Judy and Nick talk and the latter reveals he thinks everything might be connected together. He is the one who is capable of figuring out the truth as Perez does not want the case to be solved.

But it might be good for them as he does not suspect them of killing Steve. Lorna comes home with a new car for Charlie for his birthday. Judy is feeling guilty about lying to Charlie but Jen calms her down. Ben comes to the house just in time to carry Jen up the stairs in his arms. He feels guilty for what he has done. Ben opens up about his feelings after learning Steve is dead. He has regrets and a lot of emotions bottled up. To help him, Judy invites him to the grief counseling session with Pastor Wayne and he agrees. Henry arrives at the scene too and when he hears about Steve, he gives the bird to Ben, as a tool for comfort.

But he does so when he is alone with Ben, hence leaving Jen and Judy in the dark about it. Judy finds pamphlets about battling cancer in Jen’s purse. She takes them to Jen but thinks Jen is the one with cancer. Jen clears the air and Judy is in shock, although she is happy that Jen does not have it. Judy lies again to Charlie to ease his feelings. She says that she would have never slept with Ted if she had known he had a family. Henry reveals to Jen that he gave the bird to Ben, putting Jen into a trance.

Ben tries to drink away his sorrows at a bar. Little does he know that Nick is following him. He leaves without the bird and Nick gets his hands on it. What else could go wrong?

The Episode Review

Anything that can go wrong will go wrong” is perhaps the most relevant phrase to define episode 2 of Dead to Me. As expected, Nick has got his hands on the murder weapon and my money is on him to figure it out before anyone else. He is indeed a good cop, perhaps too nosy for our females’ liking. Yes, he is just doing his job but it is still quite annoying how he finds clues so quickly.

Judy’s reaction to the cancer news was heartbreaking. If there is anyone in the show who deserves happiness with no “ifs” and “buts”, it is her. But fate always plays games like this and life is unfair. Ben seems to be quite affected by Steve’s death and it is comedy gold for the writers to exploit that dynamic of the story. What is even more enticing is the prospect of Jen and Ben perhaps coming together in a relationship.

Wouldn’t that be something? For now, the focus remains on how Judy’s cancer proceeds and how is Perez able to stop Nick before he realizes that. Delaying the cancer revelation to Jen might be a mistake so hopefully, that happens soon too.

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