Dayseeker – Dark Sun | Album Review

Track Listing

Neon Grave
Without Me
Midnight Eternal
Dark Sun
Paper Heart
Cryong While You’re Dancing
Afterglow (Hazel’s Song)


Dayseeker grapples their own demons on this release, and they let it all become apparent that they’re hurting. The act try not to fall into chaos, but they do, though it doesn’t impair their engrossingly dark sound.

Every note works; every snappy guitar line; every lyrical segment; and while this sound isn’t for everyone, it serves the broken-hearted, the downtrodden and the people who need a scrap of truth.

Such darkness imposes on this LP. A thick fog ripples throughout, though there’s enough clarity to outweigh the gloom. Broken memories are explored too, and Dayseeker is trying to put to bed their dread-ridden feelings. Those feelings are running through their minds like a speeding train, and the heartbreak feels so overwhelming.

Breaching through the rubble to an idyllic space is sometimes impossible when you’re feeling broken and disregarded. Dayseeker has the music and the might to overcome it all, even when everything seems to be going wrong. Musically, Dark Sun is emotionally tinged, and there’s an abundance of energy streaming through every song.

‘Dreamstate’ starts the record off with symphonic sounds. The chorus is a masterful piece of music too, and the vocals bear the weight. Homesick opens with progressive percussion, and the vocals detail broken hearts and being homesick. These songs are anecdotes of truth and desire.

‘Dark Sun’ starts with commanding vocal work, and the stab of guitar generates a faster pace while the atmosphere thickens, and the chorus becomes the star of the show.

‘Parallel’ opens slowly as a sad song, a poignant tale of suffering. It’s a masterclass in song writing and lyrical leanings, and that soft guitar line develops.

Dayseeker is a band hurting, there’s no doubting that, but they’re ready to take on their inner beasts with Dark Sun.

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