Dave the Diver Guide: Chapter 7 Walkthrough & All Puzzle Solutions

Dave the Diver Guide – Chapter 7: Broken Control Room

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Ancient Control Room

Defeat the babies



Ancient Control Room

The final chapter is here, and compared to how massive chapter 6 was, this one’s an absolute breeze by comparison.

Dr Bacon will call after the 2 days have passed, informing you that the Control Room is now accessible. Go down to the Glacial Area where the drone was on the seabed. Descend down and you’ll be in a brand new area.

There’s sap on the door we’re trying to get through and a sea snail wandering about on the right. Grab it by holding right click and ascend up and place it on the platform above you. This will unlock the next room.

In here are various sea scorpions that will attack on sight. You need to either evade or kill them, while simultaneously using the exploding Divine Fruit on the sap in the middle of the floor.

Your best bet is to kill a good number of them, goading a swarm to follow you. When there’s a good number on your tail, swim past one of the explosive Divine Fruit. Turn back, and shoot it with your rifle. The ensuing blast will kill most of the scorpions and deal 200 damage.

You can repeat this process as much as you like. The fruit does respawn. When you’re ready, blow a hole in the ground.

Descend down the newly-created path and pick up the sea snail. Drop it over the vent at the bottom of this area. That will allow you safe passage to the next puzzle.

Your goal is to cover all three vents together with the sea snails so the large volcanic crater in the background erupts into the ceiling. This can be a little tricky to time, given the sea snails tend to wander off after a few seconds. However, both of the two methods below work really well.

Method 1

  1. Place Sea Snail 3 on the ground next to Vent A.
  2. Place Sea Snail 2 on Vent B.
  3. Please Sea Snail 1 on Vent C.
  4. Quickly hold and release Sea Snail 2 while on Vent B to reset timer.
  5. Place Sea Snail 3 on Vent A.

Method 2

  1. Place Sea Snail 3 on the ground next to Vent A.
  2. Pick up Sea Snail 1 and place at far end of the top right ledge.
  3. Place Sea Snail 2 on Vent B.
  4. Place Sea Snail 3 on Vent A.
  5. Alternate between Vent B and A until Sea Snail 1 falls on Vent C.

Once you’re through, grab the exploding Divine Fruit and head up and move into the next room. Immediately take a left and put the exploding fruit down against the sap to blow the door open. Proceed to the next chamber.

There are various craters here spewing out fiery smoke that will do fire damage if you’re caught. Proceed past the first section, heading all the way left and then zig-zag through the diagonal jets of fire down.

Hug the ceiling when you get to the bottom of this area and pass the erupting craters. Move into the next section through the doorway on the far right. Here, a short cutscene will show that the Divine Tree’s roots are covered in little eggs.

Some will hatch and head straight for you. One hit with your harpoon or rifle will take each out, although the rifle is a better option. If you are hit, they’ll do a good deal of damage.

When you’ve killed them all, pick up the sea snail and place it on the platform above just like before.


Defeat The Babies

A short cutscene will show a door with thick white mucus covering it. There’s also a Divine Fruit here so pick it up and place it in the machine. More babies will hatch, so get rid of them.

The next section will see you holding right click to move the Divine Fruit machine up to focus on the mucus. More babies will hatch when you do this. This time, don’t use your weapon. Instead, aim the beam of light to hit each one. The range is a bit limited so if a couple of stragglers break through, prepare to let go and fire off a round or two with your rifle.

There will be a third wave here, with more babies hatching. This group have a range of slow and fast stragglers so aim for the faster ones first and keep moving the laser up and down.

When you’re done, destroy the last of the mucus and head on through to the final boss chamber. Dave will notice there’s a whole bunch of babies on the ceiling, clinging to the tree’s nucleus. We need to get rid of those before we do anything else. You can either use your harpoon or gun here, it doesn’t really matter as the final boss isn’t harmed by conventional weapons.

Once they’re all gone, Yawie will appear. He’s a monstrous ancient creature and the mum to all these babies. And he’s not happy.

Boss Fight- Yawie

So how the heck are we going to defeat Yawie? Fret not, Dr Bacon and Duff have just the solution. The drone from before will show up. This can be used as a weapon and you can fire off rounds of bullets by holding left click. You can also slow down time for a short period of time by holding the right click too. This is a multiple phase boss fight so pace yourself!

Phase 1

Shoot at Yawie until he sends a whole flock of babies after you. You don’t need to defeat them all but slow down time a bit and kill the ones heading in your direction.

Yawie will then turn his back and send out green energy balls at you. Move up and down and shoot each one (one bullet will explode each). He’ll also use some slash attacks and then his deadliest attack – a swarm of orange creatures. Each spawn will move around the battlefield but spew out straggled jets of babies in your direction. These are tricky to dodge, so be sure to use your time manipulation here.

Phase 2

Once you’ve done enough damage, a short cutscene will see Duff introducing his trump card. There’s a new attack for the drone; a super-powered laser that will cut through Yawie for 600 damage! Be aware that, just like the missile launcher in chapter 6, you won’t be able to move as freely.

If Yawie is using his spawn attack, wait for it to finish first. The attacks are similar from before but he’ll also use a fiery laser attack. You’ll see the wind-up for this when he has flames in his mouth. He also has a nastier variation to the swipe attack, moving further across the battlefield, and will send more babies out if he gets that far. Similarly, there’s more green balls of energy too.

Phase 3

When you’ve dealt enough damage, head on through to the next room. There’s now an on-rails section where you’ll be following Yawie through a passageway. 

His attacks are similar here, but it’s a much better place to use your Stella laser. The swarm attack from before has changed to two waves forming circular safe havens to stand in and use. 

There’s also a new fireball attack to contend with. Yawie will spit out several fireballs, which will explode and turn into smaller projectiles that extrapolate out. He’ll also use his fire breath again too.

Using a combination of the laser (not the gun) and your time manipulation will make this fight a lot easier.

Phase 4

Another on-rails segment will see Yawie chase you vertically up. He’ll constantly use his fire breath attack, and you need to move from side to side to avoid that. Eventually the scene will cut and you’ll have a couple of QTEs to complete. 

Once Yawie is stuck, Tenzhin, Suwam, Ramo will show up with two guards. They’ll help move a Divine Fruit machine hanging down on the left. Go and grab the Divine Tree Fruit piece just next to that and place it in the machine. Yawie has been defeated!


After speaking to the Sea People in Tenzhin’s house, you’ll be back on the boat again.

You don’t have any other choice but to head for the Sushi Bar so go ahead and do that now. Everyone we’ve met across our adventure is here, including Sammy, Cobra, Duff’s hologram and, of course, Bancho.

Once you’ve spoken to everyone, grab a beer and enjoy the end credits!

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