Dave the Diver Guide: 10 Best (And Easiest) Dishes To Cook

10 Best (And Easiest) Dishes To Cook

Dave the Diver is an enjoyable and moreish Indie darling, and one of the better parts of this game comes from managing the Sushi Bar. Cooking the right dishes is key to maximizing your profits, especially if you want to get better equipment for the long journey into the depths of Blue Hole. However, you may be wondering what the best dishes are – and how to cook them.

Our latest guide shines a spotlight on the 10 best (and easiest) dishes to cook at the Sushi Bar, ones that require the least amount of effort while also giving you the most bang for your buck. So get your cooking knives ready and let’s begin!

Moray Eel Curry

Ingredients: Moray Eel (2), Turmeric (1)

There’s only two ingredients to get for this dish that’ll yield a nice profit for little work. All you need to do is engage in a spot of night diving. As you get further in the game, hunting eel down becomes increasingly easy. You’ll  find the Moral Eel close to the surface, and taking out a fair number of these in one dive will allow you to enhance the dish. The only other ingredient is Turmeric, which is also quite straightforward to find.

Vegetable Sushi

Rice (1), Carrot (1), Eggplant (1)

A dish that requires basically zero effort; Vegetable Sushi is unlocked after cooking for Sammy the rapper. You’ll automatically have one row of your farm dedicated to carrot and eggplant after the tutorial so keep that going. Be sure to check back in at the farm and replant more seeds and this dish will basically make itself with little intervention.

Be sure to head over to the farm every day to grab eggs too (for the dish below) and weed out the area. You’ll soon have a simple but effective dish to maximize profits.

Tomato Egg Soup

Grade A Egg (2), Cherry Tomato (2), Black Pepper (1)

You’ll get 380 gold for this low-effort dish, which requires a regular trip to the farm to pick up, but if you’re combining this with vegetable sushi (above), it’ll come naturally. Be sure to start farming cherry tomatoes in one of your rows.

This also requires no diving either, and given the money you get for it, it’s definitely a worthy choice.

Whole-Roasted Shark Head

Whitetip Reefshark Head (1), Olive Oil (1)

Whole-Roasted Shark Head becomes “Ol’ Reliable” for making big bucks in the Sushi Bar early on during the game. Later on, switch out the Reefshark for Megamouth. Descending down Blue Hole from the right, you’ll encounter this shark pretty early on. With upgraded weapons, it’ll be absolutely no effort to take this guy out.

Given you have two dives in a day (or three if you choose to dive at night), you can easily maximize the kills by taking sharks out every time you dive. And the best part, this dish only needs to be combined with Olive Oil, while the Megamouth variant doesn’t; it’s literally just shark meat!

Tropical Fish Sushi Set

Titan Triggerfish (3), Harlequin Hind (3), Coral Trout (3), Rice (3)

This is the dish that requires the most amount of legwork on the list but the hunt is worth it. Rice can be found in the farm of course, but all three of the required fish are quite close together in Blue Hole, in the general area where you’ll encounter a shark above the delivery boat wreckage.

The dish yields a good amount of gold and it’s aesthetically one of the best looking in the entire game too!

Seagrapes Jellyfish Sushi

Sea Grape (1), White Spotted Jellyfish (1), Salt (1)

You don’t need to catch the jellyfish alive for this dish, so feel free to just take them out with your rifle. Sea grapes can be found in the Limestone Cave, right next to where the jellyfish are too. 

Salt can be found in different cooking pots underwater, although you’re likely to find more luck with this at lower depths. However, it’s still quite a common ingredient.

Seagrape Special Sushi

Sea Grape (1), Rice (1)

Another dish that requires very little effort. Seagrapes can, of course, be found in the Limestone Cave and Rice can be harvested from the farm every few days. This yields a decent recent and given how plentiful both ingredients are, enhancing this dish is very easy and can easily boost your profit margin.

Deep-Fried Vegetables

Ingredients: Cucumber (1), Carrot (1), Onion (1), Olive Oil (1)

Another ridiculously easy dish that solely utilizes the farm, Deep-fried Vegetables are a sure-fire winner to make lots of money. It requires you to collect only one of each item, and can be enhanced for even more cash too. Plus, the taste is very high for this one. Olive Oil is one of the easier (and plentiful) ingredients to find, while seeds can be purchased from the farm.

It all adds up to an easy dish to prepare and make, while also getting you a lot of cash. If you’re using your farm wisely, you can serve this almost every night at the Sushi Bar.

Bluefin Tuna Ootara

Bluefin Tuna Ootara (1)

A simple and delicious Tuna dish. This one not only has great taste stats, it’s also very easy and only requires you to go out and kill a few tuna to make. It can be enhanced quickly, given you only need tuna to make it. Furthermore, doubling this up with the fish farm, and farming tuna regularly, will make for a reliable source of cash with little intervention on your part.

Skewered Cucumber

Cucumber (3)

Although the cost has been adjusted down with a recent patch, Cucumber is by far the most valuable ingredient in Dave the Diver. You won’t unlock it until quite late on during the Epilogue though, but it’s an absolute game changer.

When a new cucumber event pops up, go and talk to Otto, who will then unlock the ability to farm cucumbers. As your farm gets bigger, use more spaces for cucumber. These dishes sell for around 320 gold and only requires 3 cucumber so it’s a great way of earning gold.

So there we have it! Our 10 picks for the easiest dishes to cook and the ingredients needed for each one. Agree with our picks? Think we’ve missed off a crucial pick? Let us know in the comments below!

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