Dark Side Of The Ring – Episode 3 Recap & Review


The Killing Of Bruiser Brody

When an episode of Dark Side Of The Ring begins with hardcore legend Mick Foley, you know chaos is likely to ensue. Back for another episode, Dark Side Of The Ring returns with a look at Bruiser Brody, a brutal, stiff wrestling worker who was violently killed backstage in the locker-room before a wrestling event.

With the help of Dutch Mantell, Mr USA and Abdullah The Butcher who all fought alongside, and against, this human tornado, we learn more about his history and the troubling incidents backstage that led to his untimely death.

We begin the episode in July 1988 with Brody joining the World Wrestling Council, known by many as one of the most violent wrestling federations of all time. One wrestler in particular continued to be a thorn in Brody’s side – Jose Gonzales. Groomed by the owners as the next big star, one fight with Brody hospitalised the man with internal bleeding and numerous cuts; a reminder of how dangerous this man is in the squared circle.

From here, the story takes a dark turn as rumours begin circulating around Brody buying into the ownership of the federation and Gonzales lusting for revenge. Told through the eyes of Mr USA, he tells a heartbreaking story of what happened that night, involving Gonzales goading Brody into the showers before plunging a knife through his belly which ultimately lead to his death.

With many outside the business unable to distinguish the difference between on and off-screen wrestling personas, this heartbreaking story takes another twist as we learn of a presumed conspiracy to cover up the entire incident, twisting the narrative to obscure the truth. Cleared of all allegations in court under the pretense of self-defence, Dark Side Of The Ring’s inability to get Jose’s side of the story speaks volumes for the validity of this story.

Shocking, brutal and incredibly eye-opening, Dark Side Of The Ring delivers a very impressive episode. Continuing the trend of peppering in archival footage and face to face interviews, this sport documentary series continues to shine, shedding light on the darker side of the squared circle.

With an episode focused away from the glamour of the WWF, you really get a feel for how brutal and cult-like some of these federations were back in the day. With an accessible episode void of many wrestling terms, this episode in particular is one that I’d highly recommend people checking out and showcases a series that’s only growing from strength to strength.


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