Dancing Queens Movie Ending Explained – Do these queens dance to success?


Dancing Queens Plot Synopsis

Dancing Queens centers on 23 year old Dylan Pettersson. After the passing of her Mother, Dylan finds herself caught up between teaching kids how to dance and helping her Father with deliveries.

Living life on a small island in the Swedish archipelago, Dylan receives a lifeline in the form of a cleaning gig, working at a struggling drag club called Queens.

With choreographer and star dancer Victor’s help, Dylan’s talent is fully realized when he encourages her to become part of the show – and dress up in drag.

Why does Dylan get kicked out the club?

After a long bout of slow-burn drama, Dancing Queens finally sees our fabulous queens together performing on stage. The show is a hit. While congratulating themselves for a job well-done, they head backstage and soak in the glory. Until Sebbe shows up.

Sebbe soon blows the lid off Dylan’s identity, which causes tensions to arise between the different performers – and in particular Micke. When he finds out Dylan is a woman – and that Victor was in on this – things get seriously heated. In fact, Dylan eventually ends up walking out and heading back home.

There, Dylan thinks back over memories of her Mother, wondering if she’ll ever fully realize her dreams and make her proud.

What happened to Dylan’s Mother?

In the past, Dylan’s grandmother used to take her Mother out dancing four times a week. She would go to town just so she could realize her dreams.

Everything changed though when she fell pregnant with Dylan all those years later. In fact, Dylan claims this “ruined everything” for her Mother. Of course, the joys of parenthood shined through. Anyway, she channeled everything she knew into Dylan, encouraging the girl to pick up the mantle and continuing dancing in her stead.

It’s a raw memory that still hits home, especially given her Mother’s passing before this could be fully realized. Dylan’s music studio, “Dylan’s Disco” is an homage and an ode to her Mother.

Dylan’s motivation stems from a desire to make her Mother proud as much as it is for her own career aspirations.

How does Dancing Queens end?

Sebbe plucks up the courage to come out to his parents. Only, his Mother already knew, much to the dumbfounded confusion of his Father. When Sebbe quizzes why she kept quiet, she simply smiles and tells him it’s his job to come out to them.

Meanwhile, the rest of the drag club members all team up together and get the ferry across to Dylan’s hometown. They surprise her and admit they don’t care about her gender – they just want her back to perform. They also have another surprise up their sleeve.

They’ve all come together and arranged for Dylan to attend an important audition for a theatre show. Victor’s influence is what’s bagged this opportunity, with Dylan taking center stage with him for the dance of her life.

Thanks to her perseverance and passion for dancing, Dylan manages to juggle performing at Queens with striving toward her dreams of becoming a big hit on stage. Dancing no longer hurts for her either, having found peace with her Mother’s passing and ready to excel.

Interestingly, this makes the title of the movie a double entendre. Not only is Dylan “dancing Queens” by working as a drag act, she’s also part of this collective group of Queens, who have found joy and solace in dancing together.

The final shot of a tranquil sunset and the calm water (water being synonymous with emotion) help to reinforce these messages of acceptance and following your dreams.


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