Currents – The Death We Seek | Album Review

Track Listing

The Death We Seek
Living In Tragedy
So Alone
Over And Over
Beyond The Road
Gond Astray
Remember Me
Guide Us Home


Post-hardcore band Currents don’t do things by halves, as their blistering sound pulsates like a throbbing heartbeat. With this release, The Death We Seek, the band properly breaks the cycle of doing things the same and actually pave way for originality. The screams and growls are surprisingly beneficial to their sound too, and the act takes their lyrical chops to the next level.

On this album, the shredding guitar sequences interweave with powerful vocals, and while everything is frantic, there’s still emotion bubbling beneath it all, which in truth shows the band is hurting and trying to escape misery. Though misery covers everything with its darkness, ingraining the middle and the sides.

Passion embeds it all too, as the band function under pressure, and they keep putting out songs which inspire, though these tracks are darker than most, rawer than most, and certainly breakneck.

‘The Death We Seek’ starts the record off with well-tuned foundations. The screams and growls increase the tension and the passion here is incredible, while the chorus tightens it all together.

‘Unfamiliar’ begins like a sledgehammer to the gut. Frantic guitar lines ferociously pulsate, and the chorus spells out a trapped existence. Those aggressive vocals pepper the sound convincingly.

‘Beyond This Road’ is another track that hits hard, breaking into a harsh but thrilling segment. Screams ensue until the clean vocals descend, and the song becomes laden with diverse notes.

‘Guide Us Home’ opens calmly, and the clean vocals power in. It’s a brilliant swansong, perfecting post-hardcore as it rings out. Currents prepare for battle with this album of brazen guitar work and evocative wordplay.

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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