Crown The Empire – Dogma | Album Review

crown the empire


Track Listing

Black Sheep
In Another Life (Feat Courtney LaPlante)
Superstar (Feat Remington Leith)
Dancing With The Dead
Someone Else


Screaming tension impacts the album by seasoned band Crown The Empire, and when the act truly bask in their element, they’re one to watch. From the depths of their creative minds comes Dogma, a collection of songs that are different in concept and delivery. The band has become this titanic force, a monumental act in the scene, and even though some may disagree on that judgement, the band can rest easy.

From the start to the conclusion of Dogma, the instrumentals barge opens a new path, and the lyrics convey loneliness, emptiness, and a long line of disappointments. Everything the band says on this record makes sense, as the world is currently on the edge of oblivion, on the cusp of ruin, breaking at the seams when the greed from some has become overbearing.

The themes here tackle love and its two sides. One side is gloriously vibrant and the other side is dark and grey, disintegrating like rotten teeth. 10 songs make up the LP. ‘Modified’ starts like a cannonball to the chest, and the guitars generate this enormous sound. Every lyric means something, and they’re sensitive.

‘Dancing With The Dead’ opens admirably, as the screams impact every angle. Full-throttled and intense, the song doesn’t lose its grip. It’s thunderous, showcasing Crown The Empire’s soaring rage.

‘Something Else’ begins with softer vocals and the lyrics really ingrain the mind. Often, the lyrics get lost, though here they’re clear and decisive. That chorus is fundamental to the song’s progression.

Crown The Empire push for clarity when the world offers nothing but commotion. Dogma is the band’s huge statement too.

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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