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Episode 2 of Connect begins with Dong-soo thinking back to his time as a child when he fell off the tree and his friends started calling him a monster for how his body healed itself self despite breaking most of his bones. He recalls being cut on the doctor’s table when he lost his eye but his body still healed itself. 

Dong-soo waits outside the building he saw Jin-seop at and looks for any trace of the woman he was with. He takes off his eyepatch and suddenly spots Sun-hee, Jin-seop’s colleague, who is startled after seeing his eye. He follows Sun-hee and her colleague and asks to ask her a few questions. 

He asks Sun-hee about the man she was with the day before and she excuses herself, weirded out by the question. Meanwhile, Jin-seop is having a meal by himself at a restaurant and looks out of there to spot a young female walking down the street – possibly looking for his next target.

Sun-hee and her colleagues, Ji-young and Myung-hoon join Jin-seop at the restaurant he was eating at. They are shocked to see him eat outside and around people, unlike his usual self. Dong-soo’s song starts playing again and the connection between Jin-seop and Dong-soo is made again. Dong-soo tries to see through the eye and is able to see the corpse artist with Sun-hee at a restaurant.

Sun-hee asks Jin-seop about the jingle and lets him know that an artist named Z was going to cover it for a commercial they were working on. Dong-soo rushes to get to the restaurant he saw Sun-hee and the connection is suddenly made again when Sun-hee plays the jingle.

Dong-soo is able to see the name of the restaurant and rushes to get there. Myung-hoon tells him that Sun-hee has feelings for him. He states that he was interested in asking her out and would like to know if Jin-seop did not mind him doing so.

Jin-seop states he is okay with that and asks him to go ahead. He leaves the restaurant and bumps into Dong-soo who has just arrived. Sun-hee and her friend return with their food and are shocked when they see Dong-soo has followed them.

Myung-hoon gets angry when Dong-soo tries to talk to Sun-hee and starts to attack him. He claims that he was only looking for the man who was sitting across from Sun-hee. Myung-hoon tells Dong-soo to leave Sun-hee alone threatening him with calling the cops.

The episode moves to an indie artist named Z who really wishes to cover Dong-soo’s song. Z and his producers discuss how they should record and use the song officially so they can release it first and Z could claim ownership for all of the song. Jin-seop is in the shower when we can see a gunshot wound on his stomach.

He changes into his nightwear and flips through his artwork book. He starts sketching something while Dong-soo hopes to be able to see something out of his other eye. Dong-soo is on his computer when he gets an astrology advertisement. He recalls the ad is similar to the one he had seen in his first connection with the corpse artist.

Dong-soo goes to the astrologer and asks her questions about astrology. He questions her about the ‘P’ symbol on the chart and she claims that it was the symbol for the planet, Pluto.  Dong-soo asks her about the link between the dates November 29 and December 12 in astrology and the astrologer states that the planets Venus and Pluto made a conjunction on both these days.

The astrologer explains the meaning of conjunction to Dong-soo and states Venus symbolises beauty and art while Pluto symbolises destruction and regeneration. She claims that it could be called a cycle of death and art. Jin-seop is drawing the design for one of his new corpse arts while Dong-soo asks the astrologer for the date for the next conjunction to occur.

She claims that this was not a common occurrence and adds that the next conjunctions would take place on December 20 and 25 that year before ending on January 6 the following year. Jin-seop is sketching his next victim, an old woman when his doorbell starts ringing. He ignores it at first but eventually gets up to answer the door.

He asks Sun-hee how she found out where he lived and she claimed that she knew a lot of things about him. He opens the door and asks what it was that she knew about him. Jin-seop unwillingly invites Sun-hee inside the house and she notices how organised and clean his house was. Jin-seop asks her if she would like to get herself cleaned too… weird.

She is confused by the question but he claims that she has promised to show herself to him. Sun-hee goes to the restroom and begins undressing. Meanwhile, at the police station, Detective Choi gets a distress phone call from the astrologer. Sun-hee and Jin-seop have sex while the astrologer tells the cops about what Dong-soo was looking into.

She tells them how Venus resembled Lucifer, the fallen angel while the detectives ask her about the dates of the murders being connected with the astrological conjunctions. At the same time, Jin-seop starts getting rough with Sun-hee. Detective Choi asks the astrologer to describe the man and she mentions his eyepatch. They show her a photo of Dong-soo and she recognises him immediately.

Choi asks the detectives to look into Dong-soo’s movements based on CCTV records. Later that night, Sun-hee goes to Jin-seop’s kitchen to get some water and is shocked to see how organised his fridge was. She opens the door to his art room and finds his book with the corpse art. She is confused at first but continues to flip through the pages. The cops find CCTV footage of Dong-soo going to the astrologer’s office.

The next morning Dong-soo goes back home. At the same time, at a rural location, a dog starts barking at another corpse art sculpture. This time it is an old woman similar to the one Jin-seop had in his art book.

The cops chat about the new murder and claim that the next one was to be on January 6, which was almost 10 days away. Dong-soo is in the crowd looking at the mural while the gangsters are there too. He begins running away and the gangsters run after him raising suspicion. The cops too follow after seeing Dong-soo.

Meanwhile, Sun-hee asks around for Jin-seop and asks Myung-hoon to help. Dong-soo manages to run from the gangsters as his body heals instantly despite falling off a height. Dong-soo is able to fight off the gangsters and is shocked by his powers.

The other gangster chops off Dong-soo’s arm with an axe and holds it up for Dong-soo to ‘connect’ it back together.  Dong-soo is shocked to learn that he is Connect but Yi-rang suddenly appears there and helps him by tazing the gangsters.

She asks Dong-soo to kill the gangsters but the cops catch up to the scene and they rush away. Dong-soo and Yi-rang talk about him being ‘Connect’ and she exchanges phone numbers with him. He wants to rush away immediately and she follows after him.

Jin-seop is late to work that day and Sun-hee asks to talk to him. She takes him to the rooftop and asks about the drawings in his sketchbook. Sun-hee asks him about the corpse art but he claims that they were taken off the internet. She claims that one of the drawings was from the latest murder, which happened after that night.

Jin-seop is shocked by her questioning but she adds that she had seen all the drawings in the book. Myung-hoon follows the two to the roof but his phone rings alerting Jin-seop to mid-conversation. Sun-hee tells Myung-hoon that Jin-seop is the murderer and this triggers him.

He beats the two up and threatens to throw Myung-hoon off the rooftop. Sun-hee’s colleague calls her but she is unconscious. Dong-soo’s song plays as Sun-hee’s ringtone and the connection is made again. Dong-soo rushes to find the corpse artist and sees the man with Myung0-hoon.

Yi-rang wonders what is up with Dong-soo. Sun-hee wakes up just in time as Jin-seop throws Myun-hoon off the building. Sun-hee tries to answer the call but Jin-seop stops her midway. The song continues to play in the background as he talks to her.

Dong-soo is afraid as Jin-seop threatens to kill her. He asks Sun-hee to keep quiet and breaks her neck. Once the song comes to an end, the between Jin-seop and Dong-soo connection is lost. Jin-seop gets conscious about the song but Dong-soo rushes to get him for killing two of his colleagues.

The Episode Review

The second episode was just as good as the first one and I really think that Jin-seop was not the corpse artist. However, after seeing him kill Sun-hee and Myung-hoon, I am unsure about his brutality.

Dong-soo seems too innocent and I am waiting to see him in full-blown action mode and kill Jin-seop. The cops are looking at Dong-soo as their target and I think he is eventually going to team up with the cops and help them find the true corpse artist.

If Dong-soo is Connect, it is possible that there are more humanoids like him. Yi-rang is suspiciously everywhere and I wonder how she is so ahead of the gangsters.

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