Cobra Kai – Season 5 Episode 7 “Bad Eggs” Recap & Review

Bad Eggs

Episode 7 of Cobra Kai Season 5 starts with a tasty preview of what’s to come, with a snippet of Cobra Kai’s dominance. Soon every kid is going to have to choose between Cobra Kai or LaRusso and Johnny’s rebels. In order to defeat Silver, the group are desperate and decide maybe they need Kreese to take Silver out once and for all.

Johnny and Daniel show up at the prison. Kreese knows exactly what Silver is planning but scoffs at how clueless the pair are. In order to swing things, Daniel offers to try and get Kreese out of prison, or lower his sentence. It’s the only way to learn exactly what Silver is planning and try and get him out. Eventually Kreese agrees to the deal, much to Johnny’s annoyance.

In their absence, Chozen leads the kids in their latest training session. Specifically, in learning Yanbaru Kuina, which happens to be the name for an endangered bird. Given an egg each, the kids are forced to protect it from Chozen, who goes on the attack. The only ones left are Sam and Miguel, who end up together inside the dojo alone. As they have a heart to heart, Chozen takes them both out.

Chozen uses this exerciser as a way of convincing them all to adapt or be left behind. Anthony comes up with the idea to stick together as a team. They all leave their egg in one basket and decide to try and take out Chozen as a group.

This is precisely the lesson he was trying to teach them, and this second time – with all the kids working together – they manage to keep the basket of eggs safe.

While each of the kids learn a valuable lesson and attempt to outsmart and outwit Chozen, Kim and Silver decide to pair up the Cobra Kai kids to take on each of the senseis in a bid to find out who the real leaders among them are.

Kenny flakes out, prompting Silver to have a private chat with him in his office. Silver is quick to point out he has a lot of potential and could be a leader.

Speaking of which, Tory and Devon both work together to try and take out Kim. Tory’s determination not to sacrifice her partner isn’t enough for the win – but it is enough to get Devon’s respect and understanding the true nature of leadership. Their tactic is in direct contradiction to Kenny’s tough love, where he uses his partner as a pawn to get the point and the win.

Speaking of pawns, Kreese speaks to Johnny and Daniel, revealing a damning truth about exactly what Silver has planned.

Silver intends to enter Cobra Kai into the biggest tournament in the world. And if he wins, Cobra Kai will go global  Outmatched and outnumbered, Silver is on the verge of taking over, which explains exactly what he’s doing.

As for Daniel’s side of the bargain, he hands over a note simply reading “no mercy.” Kreese has been played!

The Episode Review

Finally we get some answers as to what Terry Silver has planned and it turns out he’s going to take over the world. However cliché that may sound, it’s certainly one way to raise the stakes in this series!

This fifth season has been much more focused on the adults compared to the kids too and in many ways, it makes sense given the stakes we’re dealing with here. At the same time, it also highlights just how many characters this show is now juggling, and the short run-time certainly buckles under the weight of expectations.

Still, we’re into the business end of the season now and it really is anyone’s guess as to what will happen next.

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