Cobra Kai – Season 4 Episode 3 “Then Learn Fly” Recap & Review

Then Learn Fly

Episode 3 of Cobra Kai Season 4 starts with LaRusso and Lawrence both organizing the kids into sparring sessions. Following their training last episode, they appear to be on each others’ sides and despite some unorthodox methods, do well to teach the Eagle Fang and Miyagi-Do ways.

During dinner that night, Daniel puts a surprising amount of pressure on Sam. He looks at her as his star pupil and jokes about her taking over the dealership or getting into the top colleges. Given she doesn’t get a chance to speak, she simply smiles politely. However, it’s clear that there’s more to this than first meets the eye.

Off the back of his bullying, Kenny show up at Cobra Kai looking for Robby. His brother, Shawn Payne, is actually the boy who beat and then befriended Robby, so he certainly respects him.

Kenny is looking for inspiration and believes he’s come to the right place. Only, when he steps on the mat his fear sees the place erupt into laughs and he’s quickly told to leave.

Kenny is still badly bullied and when Robby shows up at his door later on, but here he sees the extent of his problems. Robby refuses to tutor him but does agree to show off a few moves. Specifically to use his speed to his advantage.

Off the back of Cobra Kai’s training, Terry Silver shows up. Kreese antagonizes Terry and convinces him to use his skills on the mat. “There’s still time to finish what we started,” Kreese urges his old friend, but Terry – at least for now – leaves.

During training the next day, Miyagi-Do and Eagle Fang are split up, with alternate teachers. Daniel teaches the Eagle Fang kids, telling them to catch a koi, with the winner also teaching class all week and picking out the Gatorade flavour. There are no rods, they’re to do this using their bare hands.

Johnny Lawrence meanwhile, has a much more aggressive stance. He leads the Miyagi kids up to the rooftop where they’re taught how to fly… and that includes jumping between rooftops. There are a few mattresses on the floor but certainly not enough to break their fall.

Johnny’s impassioned speech about doing what he loves and not listening to his parents all the time is enough to get through to Sam. Shockingly, she makes the jump which also encourages him to make the same leap, heading over to Carmen and making a big grand romantic gesture that night. She agrees too, and they kiss.

Meanwhile, Kenny shows back up at Cobra Kai for another shot, When he sees everyone laughing he strikes back and it’s enough for him to be brought back in to the ranks of Cobra Kai properly. At the same time, both Johnny and Daniel manage to do a great job with their individual lessons. The trouble is, when Johnny returns he sees Daniel give Miguel a Miyagi headband, immediately suspecting the worst.

The Episode Review

Cobra Kai returns with another solid chapter, this time with Johnny and Daniel splitting the team up and teaching their individual methods. It’s a fascinating watch this season, especially with all the different fighting styles presented and portrayed in the manner that they are.

The hybrid styles allows for a much more interesting season compared to last year, with a lot of unpredictability. Anyone could win this tournament!

With Kenny joining Cobra Kai, tensions at Miyagi Do and Eagle Fang, along with a returning Terry, season 4 is shaping up to be quite the interesting cocktail of ideas.

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