Clickbait – Season 1 Episode 3 “The Wife” Recap & Review

The Wife

Episode 3 of Clickbait Season 1 begins with Sophie receiving the devastating news about Nick. There’s visible signs of head trauma too but the autopsy should reveal more. For now, we’ll have to stick with the family secrets. Strap in guys, there’s some juicy details about to be revealed.

At the police station, Sophie is called in for questioning again and shown the bar fight footage. She feigns ignorance but that doesn’t last for long. As we soon come to learn, this man is Curtis Hamilton, a former colleague that worked with Sophie. The last time she saw him was 6 months back when he resigned from his position. She claims they were just friends but a stray tear and a couple of revealing flashbacks confirm that they were very much having an affair.

At the police station, Pia tries in vain to see Nick but his body is at the coroner’s and there’s no way she’s going to be let in. While she wallows in her own grief, Sophie breaks the devastating news about Nick to her children. In the wake of this, Sophie speaks to her Mum about the allegations about Curtis,exhibiting concerns about the initial lies she’s told the police.

With Pia crashing at Sophie’s that night, Sophie decides to head out and confront Curtis herself. According to him, he met with Nick because he messaged Curtis  out the blue and wanted to know every detail surrounding their affair. According to Curtis he listened calmly before going on to mention Nick attacking him. Now, given the footage we’ve seen, that’s not how this went down.

Just then, De Luca and Amiri show up to see Curtis, armed with a warrant. As Curtis tries to resist arrest, Amiri notices Sophie inside too and brings her in for questioning, realizing that she’s lied to them.

Now the truth about their affair comes out, along with additional details that Sophie broke the news to Nick, who looks absolutely devastated. The look Nick gives her after, as this shock turns to anger, followed by the forceful way he pushes her down on the bed, could well be another crucial puzzle piece in this.

As news of this affair spills over to the family, Sophie finds her life turned upside down when a woman named Emma Beesley shows up.

According to her, Nick was having an affair too and was in a relationship with this woman, going under the alias of Danny and meeting on a dating app.

It would appear that Nick actually hooked up with this girl to get back at Sophie and the social feeds for both seem to reinforce this. The only trouble is, Nick’s profile on this app was created 2 years ago, not six months. Could it be that he was seeing other women on the side?

The Episode Review

The plot continues to thicken as Clickbait switches the focus across to Sophie and reveals some pretty juicy secrets. What seemed to be a simple cat and mouse story has now descended into something much deeper and personal.

Secrets are being kept in this marriage and it’s clear now that Nick isn’t the saintly figure everyone seemed to paint him as. In fact, the ending seems to hint that he’s been a bit of a player and could well even be the abuser those placards mentioned.

At the same time, the police work has been suspect, to say the least. How no-one has thought to work with the cyber-crimes department is beyond me – or at least interviewed the delivery company in charge of these vans.

As we approach the halfway point, there’s certainly some holes and contrivances popping up but an enticing little mystery forming too. If you can go into this one and not think too hard about the logic, you should find enough to like here.

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