Breath Reimagined Vol 3. – Desert Dwellers | Album Review

Track Listing

Closed Eyes in a Dust Storm (Djuma Soundsystem Remix)
Longing For Home (Uone Remix)
At Last, Our Refuge (D-Nox & K.A.L.I.L. Remix)
Longing For Home (Yuli Fershtat Remix)
Traversing the Endless Road (Luke Mandela Remix)
Longing For Home (Speaking in Tongues Remix)
Dreams Within a Dream (Jamie Stevens Hallucination Remix)
Breathing the Mysteries (Dance Spirit Remix)
To Be The Air (Griffin Paisley Remix)
One The Shows the Way (Desert Dwellers Remix)



How many times can you remix the same songs? This seems to be the question Desert Dwellers are intent on answering across their trilogy of Breath Re-Imagined volumes. While the first leaned into its Middle eastern vibes and mixed that with some interesting beats, the second paled slightly by comparison by using a lot of the same compositional techniques.

In a bid to saturate its palette, Breath Re-Imagined takes a dark turn in volume 3 – and it’s all the stronger for it. Blending deep house and chilled beats together, the songs in Breath Re-Imagined are a far cry from what we’ve heard before; barely recognisable but for the faint glimmers of motifs trickling through.

Those who have followed this series over the past year will certainly recognize some of the track titles, most notably Traversing The Endless Road, Dream Within A Dream and At Last, Our Refuge. Only here, they’ve been distorted into a surprisingly compelling Frankenstein’s monster of ideas.

This is ultimately where the third volume comes up trumps, with some excellent compositional work showcased across the 10 tracks available.

The minor key synth for Speaking In Tongues’ remix of Longing For Home is a definite highlight, while the Hallucination Remix of Dreams Within A Dream adds a flair of ambient psytrance (or “psychill I guess?) This feels so far removed from the original mix back on volume 1 that it’s hard to believe it’s the same track.

The Egyptian Oud is still here though but used in a very different way from what we’ve heard before. The Dance Spirits remix of Breathing the Mysteries uses a very simple but effective minor-key melody to really lean into that moody feel of the album.

One of the big gripes I had with volume 2 was just how similar some of these tracks are. That is a particular problem, especially when you’re remixing the same handful of songs. Here though, there seems to be a concerted effort to try and blend different genres together while keeping everything tonally consistent.

Ultimately though is a much darker blend of tracks; like the scorching Egyptian sun setting and paving way for a cold chill. This third volume is a moody, well constructed selection of tracks that bow out this trilogy on a triumphant high.

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  • Verdict - 7.5/10

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